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As most people probably know patience isn’t really my best asset. Actually if it wasn’t for my laziness impatience would probably be my worst asset.  Thus it shouldn’t be surprising that I would start my travel blog  a little early. Anyway packing has to be one of the most important parts of travel…

The last few weeks have been a little hectic for me as they probably have been for everyone.  With Christmas, New Years Eve and seeing all my mates and family before I go, I haven’t had much time to think about packing.  Actually, probably the best distraction to my travel planning came as a result of my 21st Birthday Present from my brother (as seen below ;))

Thanks again Juz 😀

However, I made sure that I at least started to pack on the 26th of December in hope that I won’t leave anything important behind.  On Boxing Day, I delved into the storage space below the stairs to recover my suitcase and made a list of the clothes and other items I should pack (The idea being that I could periodically add more things to the list as I remembered them over the next week or so).  After such arduous work, I was done for the day 🙂

I now sit down almost 11 days later and I am done (I think :P).  I have gone shopping for new clothes, abley assisted by a group of female “stylists”, so that I can look stylish in my travel photos, bought the warmest jacket I could find (after many arguments discussions about what style of jacket was warm enough/didn’t look lame), packed said items as well as my toiletries (which does feel a little weird as I have made a habit of always forgetting to pack toiletries when I travel), updated my ipod and checked that my bag is less than the unfair 20kgs maximum weight allowance.  The only thing that needs to be packed is this laptop (and that won’t be done until just before we leave for the airport tomorrow night).

It does seem a little strange that the next 7 months of my life can be packed into such a relatively small case that I doubt would even fit all of my Dvd collection.  However, I suppose this is just one of the first ‘changes’ I will need to get used to.

Yep, 7 months fits in there!

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