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I fly like paper, get high like planes. If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name. If you come around here, I make ’em all day. I get one down in a second if you wait….

Okay so at this point in time I should be 38,000 feet in the air en route to Melbourne via Hong Kong.  Well plans have changed slightly. I am in a hotel room and now taking a 10pm flight to Melbourne via Singapore that gets in a 4:45am instead of 8pm on Saturday night.

This morning I awoke and said goodbye and thank you to Marmi and Uncle before taking the tube to Heathrow Terminal 4. It was at this point that things got a little interesting. I went to check in and the first comment I got was “this flight is overbooked, would you be prepared to take a later flight. You will be compensated for the inconvenience.”  My first response was one of shock and that I didn’t really want to go through the trouble of changing flights.  I had already told my friends and family when I would be arriving.  It was all planned and I was really looking forward to seeing them all as well.  However, it was when the check in dude pointed to a piece of paper that said “516 pounds cash compensation” that I thought about the offer.  It turned out that the offer was for the cash (or 710 pounds worth of travel vouchers), a day in the Heathrow Hilton, free lunch and free dinner.

At this point a million thoughts were racing through my head.  Most of them pound and dollar signs as my ‘brokeness’ means that 1000 dollars is a very handy cheaque to cash.  I went over and used one of those credit card international telephones to try and call mum.  I was unsure but the offer seemed too good to refuse.  While I was calling her mobile and getting no response I decided that my friends and family would understand, the offer was too good to refuse and I would take the later flight.  When I got through to my answering machine I left a message with mum that said “Iwill be going on a later flight for 1000 bucks.  Tell the masses.” I then went over and signed up.

As I was there so early I was second on the list and that meant that there was a 99% chance that I would be needed to take the later flight but I stil had to wait around until 11:30am when check in closed for final confirmation.  I did get a 7 pound starbucks voucher to use while I waited though which gave me something to do.  11:30am rolled around and yep I was filling in the forms regard to be one of the volunteers (how it is volunteering when I am being paid I do not know?) and was soon sitting back and relaxing in my hotel room watching the aussies struggle in the Ashes.

After sending proper emails home and speaking to a few friends to inform them of the changed situation I then went and grabbed my lunch.  I ended up eating with a bloke who I had chatted with in the line who was doing the same thing.  It was good though as I ate my 22 pound free rib eye steak and we watched/chatted cricket.  I now have the rest of the day to kill while bumming around on the net and watching cricket….time I am being paid 100+ dollars an hour for haha

I really want to be home.  I really want to see friends and family and I really want to get back to my Australian life.  However, I really want a thousand dollars and I think I made the right choice 😀


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