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Board games have a double meaning in this caravan in Wales. You sink ships when we should be kissing. Monopoly has thrown us in jail!

So I survived a 3:45am wake up this morning to navigate the maze of Berlin’s trains to eventually get to the airport.  It is amazing how non-eventful the whole airports and flying thing can become.  I remember my first flights as a child being awe-inspiring experiences and after so many flights in such a short period of time it is all a little “meh”.


What was funny about my flight experience was that for some reason I must “look” English or at the very least “un-German” as at every desk, security checkpoint, etc I was greeted with people speaking English at me.  I didn’t even have the chance to use my perfected “I do not understand” look and shrug!  I know what some of you may be thinking – maybe it wasn’t me but they all just always speak English for flights to the UK or something, but I noticed many people being addressed in German.  I just look like I speak the language of quid and pints  I think 😛


I also had the experience of another easyjet flight.  It really is a somewhat different experience from other airlines, particularly as there was a rush to get on (as there is no assigned seating) that just led me to believe people are WAY to eager to have a specific seat on the flight.  What was stranger was the same rush was there on the way off the plane.  Maybe people were in a hurry.  I also noticed that I have been accidentally writing Ezyjet instead of Easyjet…I think this proves I have spent too much money through in Australia.


Once I landed at Gatwick I navigated the series of trains and the tube well enough to get to Cardiff with ease, but I must say that UK rail is FEARFULLY expensive. I always new this but it hurts a lot more when I have recent European examples to compare the prices to.  It cost me more to get from Gatwick to Paddington Station than it did to get from Prague to Vienna!  That is just not cricket.


Speaking of cricket, of course that is why I am here in Cardiff  (there is little other reason to be here :P) and you can tell an ashes test is about to start.  For instance my hostel is booked out (unusual in the UK) and booked out with Australians.  Even on the trains you heard the aussie accent in every corner and the minority of proper poms on the train were all discussing Brett Lee’s omission, whether to play 2 spinners and if KP is a big a wanker as he seems.  It definitely is time for the cricket to start.

I will catch up with Juz and the guys later as they arrive on different train and are staying in another location but in the meantime I have a couple of books I bought at Victoria Station from good ol’ W.H. Smith to entertain me as they did on the train.  The one I am reading at the moment is “With Friends Like These” by Danny Wallace which is actually laugh out loud funny at points…which can be embarrassing when on the train or at the station.  However, at least I have reading material that will last me through Paris and I wont have to search in vane for English language books in a foreign city once again.

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