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As Bethy pointed out my last post initially wasn’t proof read so it was an even greater abuse of the English language than usual.  That has now hopefully been corrected but the reason I was rushed and didnt proof it was that I was heading out to dinner and beers with some Americans I had met on the tour that day.  I had no real need to worry though. I shouldve realised that when 3 girls say they need an hour to get ready, they are lieing, and when the one other guy of the group was going to blowdry his hair…it was DEFINTELY going to be a little longer than the quoted hour haha.

I had met these yanks on the walking tours.  They, like me, had done both back to back but it was only on the way to Dachau that I really started chatting to Katie.  I even made that common and regrettable mistake of not actually exchanging names so after chatting to her for a while and introducing myself to her mates…there was that little bit of awkwardness 😛  Anyway they were a pretty cool group of Americans and we had a good night of German Beer, German Sausages and chatting.  After dinner we went to the Hobrauhaus for a drink but unfortunately these heavy drinking germans have last call at 11:30 so we ended up at another bar just down the road, after following the drunken suggestions of a german playing a didgeridoo (I love drunk logic hehe) and once again the beer was good and the company equally enjoyable.  Hell the bar even had a picture of Arnie on the wall which proved that the Governator himself had drunk there before so although it wasn’t the most famous beer hall in Germany…it was  cool place.


The group of 4 Americans were all slightly different but Katie was at the end of 6 months study in Belfast so there was clear common ground there, but what is probably more surprising is that we got along so well despite the differences.  For instance, when I told MacKenzie I was from Australia she said she loved Australia (good start) and wanted to go there sometime (good middle)…because she LOVES the Hillsong church (interesting ending).  The “similarities” didnt end there.  Did I mention they were all from Texas and self declared Dubya “fans”?  They were good people though and I was good enough to hold my tounge on the obvious hot button issues that were around and it was a good night.  It just continues to show that you can get along with people well even when they are quite different.

Alright so today I woke up early because it was so hot and bright on this European Summer Morning.  I was a little worse for wear after a day of walking and a night of beer, but that wouldn’t stop me making the most of my time in Munich.  I had a few ideas about what i was going to do today.  The BMW tour looked cool but it would’ve meant it was all I could do as it is a bit of a hike to get there.  I also thought of doing one of those general free walking tours which would give me a broader insight in to Munich but I had walked and seen most of the city so I thought there must be better things to do.  In the end I filled my day with a mix and match time of awesomeness.


Firstly I dropped in to the Cathedral of Our Lady which is a church with two domed tours that kind sits in the middle of Munich.  Of course it has been restored after being bombed during the war but for just 1.5 Euros I got to go up one of the towers for a good birds eye view of the city and check out an interesting church as I wouldn’t know what to do when tasked with rebuilding an ancient church that was bombed to glory.  Well for starters the view from the top of the tower was interesting.  You can really see how well the city has been rebuilt so it still has a feeling of European History.  The church itself was a cavernous room without much decoration.  It is probably different to most other churches I have been in because most churches of this scale have more intricate decoration but supposedly the statement of the bland scale of the church was intentional.  It is part of a statement that the scars of the war can not just be plastered over but life must move on…it is a message that worked in my opinion.


It was approaching the 11am so I waited in the main square for the Glockenspiel Show.  I did find an English and Non-fiction book in the nearby bookstore while I waited which is good as I was out of fresh books to read for the last few days.  The show of the Munich Glockenspiel was actually a little impressive.  After being wholly underwhelmed by the Prague Astronomical Clock, the 12 minute performance was pretty entertaining even if it wasn’t the most action packed show.  I probably wouldn’t come to Munich to see the show, I wouldn’t even organise my day around seeing it but if in the area at 11am or midday it is well worth checking out.  Go in with low expectations like I did and you wont be disappointed I think…


After the show I headed off to the Deutsches Museum.  It is the museum of technology and science and for this geek it was brilliant.  It is a massive building and I only did about half of what there was to do but I thought it was ace.  Some of the exhibits were better than others but it was clear that they are in a process of modernisation.  Some of the exhibits are still only in German but most now have English text as well.  The Chemistry section was one of the purely german parts but with my uni knowledge I was able to follow along pretty well.  The fact it had automated test tubes and pumps set up so that all the ideas being discussed could be shown to you at a push of a button was a brilliant idea, especially as I only studied chemistry to get to play with the chemicals and make things react 😛  My other favourite sections were the Timekeeping sections (Cuckoo clocks a plenty), the space sections and the photo and film exhibition.  It was also interesting to hear history from a german point of view.  Certain germans were more prominently discussed in areas where they wouldn’t be discussed in American or Australian museums and vice versa.  There was also a lot of hands on displays and it really was a great place for kids, young and old…

With that I went back to my hostel to rest up for a big day tomorrow –  off to Crazy King Ludwig’s Castle.  I have noticed though that they are selling “There are no kangaroos in Germany T shirts” in the stores in Munich.  Now in Austria…the shirts were funny.  Get it Austria and Australia confusion is the joke?  Yeah it works well.  What I don’t understand is how using Germany is funny unless it is meant to be so stupid that it becomes funny.  Maybe I just don’t get the German sense of humor….

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