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Well it is quite wet in Europe and looking at the forecast it is going to stay that way for the next few days.  Tomorrow I head to Vienna and the forecast is for thunderstorms everyday I am there. Now that doesn’t seem possible to me, but you never know.  Regardless, I will just have to get used to being a little damp me thinks.  To get myself well trained I realised that as the rain fell this morning the only thing I had planned to do today was Charles Bridge which is fully outside.  Not being one to complain I just had to stomach the cold and damp conditions and brave it out.

After a good sleep in, I headed off on the tram to Charles Bridge.  My tram dropped me off in little town and there was St Nicholas’ Church right there and as it dominates that bank of the river I had to pop in for a look.  It is described as a Baroque building (whatever that means :P) but in my opinion it was just an amazing structure.  Unlike the castle yesterday (which was “story/history cool”, it very much was “visually cool” – both inside and out.  The exterior is defined by the massive dome and the interior is lined with meticulous designed and cut marble structures and metalwork.  Somewhat surprisingly in such a good looking church the windows were very plain but if anything it just gave greater focus on to the great marble structures.  Kind of like how the white spaces on art gallery walls help draw the eye.  I must say though that the paintings that lined the upper gallery weren’t that impressive. They were of “church size” but not of the standard I, with my untrained eye, have seen elsewhere.

I did find myself taking a little time to just sit down and explore every corner of the church with my eye.  Some people have raised whether seeing all these amazing churches could sway me in my religious thinking.  Well there is no chance of that.  There is just a little bit too much of a gulf between me and the Church, but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy these buildings from a visual or historical or even reflective level.  Regardless of your beliefs you have to be taken back by the respectful nature to religious buildings and the devotion that leads to their construction.  It is an amazing thing that everyone slows down and becomes quieter the minute they step foot in a church due to the nature of the surroundings.

I was happy to see that as I strolled towards Charles Bridge that the rain had eased.  Charles Bridge, as one of Prague’s main attractions, is  long, old bridge across the river (for a long time it was the only bridge) and it is adorned with statues of various saints and religious figures.  I actually think that it was a good time to see the bridge as the rain had stopped but as a result very few people were on the bridge that is well known for his overcrowding with tourists all day – particularly in good weather.  As a result I could take my time to stroll across her and take a good time to look at all the statues (well the ones that weren’t being restored).  Some of the statues were better than others in my opinion.  The one below was probably my favourite and I am assuming there is some sort of Hell or evil forces edge to it so it doesn’t surprise me that I was drawn to it as those religious topics seem to be of more interest to me.  I did also rub the plaque on the St John of Nepomuk statue which every tourist has to  do. So here is hoping for some good luck coming my way.


After crossing the bridge I was back in the Old Town area so I thought I would stop in on another church that we had been told about.  I can’t remember its name but it is opposite Fat Boy’s the Australian Bar.  It is well known for the story of a their who tried to steal a necklace from a statue but the statue came to life and grabbed his arm.  Eventually he was caught, repented but they still had to cut his arm off to free him. The arm was then mummified and hung above the door to warn off other thieves.  Now as you know how cool the bone church was in my opinion, so I just HAD to see the mummy arm church.  The church itself was pretty impressive as I had not expected much.  There seems to be plenty of things to steal. Yes you can still see the arm, although part of me thinks that very little of the old tale would be true (the fact the statue grabbed his arm is a slight give away IMO) and I was looking at the arm thinking…I wonder exactly what is in that.  Did they use a real arm or is it just stuffing or is it like some other sort of creature mummified in to the shape of an arm?  Who knows.  I doubt they would let someone x-ray it in case of them losing the tourist interest from people like me who just want to see the  mummy arm.

Anyway that was the end of my day as I needed to go back and pack and prepare to leave for Austria early tomorrow.  There was one last thing I had to do before I left Europe though and I thought I might as well do it before I left Prague…


Yes, that is beer 😀 😀 😀


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  1. I am amused with the fact that you can’t remember the name of the church yet you can remember the name of the ‘Bar’ opposite. mmmmmmmmmmm…..

    Comment by Gracy | June 25, 2009 | Reply

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