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So am I still waiting, For this world to stop hating. Cant find a good reason. Cant find hope to believe in!

We woke up in Toronto knowing that we had a long last day ahead of us. Well it was going to be a 36 hour day until both Joey and I had the chance to see a bed,  so that is a long day in anybody’s book.  We had a few ideas of what to do for the last hours in Toronto but in the end we ended up at the Royal Ontario Museum.  Joey and I had been at a variety of Museums, but one more wouldn’t hurt anybody.  When we were entering the museum we were somewhat disturbed by having to attach a green tag to ourselves…much like how you tag sheep. You would think a ticket would be enough to get in, but canadians are weird.  As it was a canadian museum it had some really good and interesting specifically canadian exhibits. For instance, there was a large percentage of the building dedicated to the inuit people (a race I knew little about). Also there was a detailed explanation of how come the Maple Leaf and Beaver became such important icons for the Canadian people, questions that us foreigners commonly ask.  By far Joe and I’s best part of the museum was the bat cave (Dunna dunna dunna dunna BATMAAAAN!!!!) where although the bats were dead, it was really cool.  We were able to spend most of the day at this museum, stay interested and the only bad bit was that when we were leaving we had to deal with a coat check attendant with way too much attitude.

Leaving Toronto was relatively easily. Although I accidentally had us waiting on  wrong street for the bus (I corrected the problem in time though), we got the bus to the YYZ (Pearson International) Airport.  It was interesting though that to speed up the process though the USA immigration (as we had to fly to JFK to get to London) was on the canadian side of the flight.  Before checking your bag you had all the forms and all the questions that you expect to deal with after you have dealt with a 13 hour flight.  Weird, but how smart is it?! We had a bit of a wait in Toronto Airport, even before the plane was delayed a 40 minutes,  so we went book shopping, chatted and I had a few beers.  The worst part of the flights ahead were that we seemed to get delayed on the tarmac so I got well used to waiting with my legs restricted by the chair in front of me.  Once we got to JFK, because of the delay, we didn’t have to wait long to board but the delay on the tarmac (again) was so bad that I almost watched half of a movie before the plane even took off.  (For the record, I won’t be telling you what movie I watched. They were the same movies on the way back to the UK as on the the way to the USA so I had a limited choice :P) I remember my shock when I looked over to Joey, saw that there were the ground lights of the airport out the window as the movie was reaching it’s climax and just let my jaw drop.

Besides the delays and the fair bit of turbulence, the flights were fine.  No screaming babies. There were babies, but they were surprisingly quiet.  We were able to watch some films/tv, sleep, read a bit more of my Obama book and just watch the cities, whether day or night, as we approached to land.  Once we landed in Heathrow and eventually collected our bags (they must’ve been the last ones off the plane) it was time to say goodbye to Joey (the last of my Leeds’ friends to say goodbye to) and to head off to Prague to catch up with Juz…


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