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It’s a damn cold night. Trying to figure out this life. Won’t you take me by the hand, Take me somewhere new. I don’t know who you are, But I Im with you, I’m with you…

I had an internal query about whether this deserved it’s own post.  It could’ve quite easily followed on from the last post where I was leaving Toronto, leaving the North American part of my trip and leaving Joey.  However, at least for myself I think it is time to reflect on the friends that I have made while I have been away for 6+ months.  I have the best, ace, most brilliant friends back in Australia (hey guys and gals!) but I also made some awesome friends while away.  Of the proper poms, I think I could probably count Ben, Ally, Rob and Joey as friends  (and maybe a few more…”friend” is such a weird term) and that is something I find pretty cool.  I am a little proud to have made those friends while away.  As I said goodbye to Joey, I couldn’t help but think that it marked a somewhat important point in my travels.  The friends I have made, I will be leaving behind.  I am not leaving them behind by choice, I am leaving them behind as it is almost time for my to go back “home” to Australia…I wish I didn’t have to leave ’em.  All of them are great people and especially after spending the last 2 weeks travelling in North America with Joey, with him 24/7, I am saddened by the fact that I don’t know for certain if I will see them again in the flesh.  I definitely want to catch up with Joey and the others more, but there is an uncertainty that leaves me questioning.

With Joey, over the last couple of weeks, I have been able to spend a great deal of time with a very cool person. This sounds  a little like I am praising him a little too much (and hopefully he never reads this and thus doesn’t get a big head haha), but he is a top guy.  He is smart, funny and  a good bloke.  Joey is great to chat to and like others I have met while away, like Rob, has helped me understand more about myself.  He is like me, but not.  We share similarities and we have differences.  When we were travelling there were things we did that we both REALLY wanted to do and then there were things we did that were probably not me but the experience helped me to expand myself and add a little variety to the experience.  We shared 80% of the same interests but cold help each other share the remaining 20%, so that we both gained a lot from the travelling over the past couple of weeks through compromise.  Good friends do that I think.  A friend that just lets you stay stagnant probably is someone who just builds your ego and you gain little from the relationship overall.

I left Australia in January hopeful that I would have some great times, some brilliant experiences and somewhat wishful that I would meet some good people.  In the end I can leave happy in the fact that I know I have made some top notch friends as well.  I wish they were coming back to Australia with me, but I know the realities of the situation I am.  At the very least I know that I have some friends I can keep in touch with via the internet who are great people.  Hopefully at least they also know that they now have a bed if, or whenever, they ever want to come to Australia.


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  1. hopefully, having new friends will mean you will be persuaded to travel! i’m glad, but unsurprised, that you have not just had a life, but made one, in your time away. once you’ve made a home away from home, it’s so easy to see how life is flexible, and love, family and home can be built anywhere. ok time to stop being all sappy now 😉 glad you have found friends who have pushed you… you’re right, the people we collide with are meant to challenge us and make us grow. if something pushes you out of your comfort zone, it is probably good for you. xx

    Comment by bethy | June 16, 2009 | Reply

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