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The summer sun, it blows my mind. Is falling down on all that I’ve ever known. Time will kiss the world goodbye. Falling down on all that I’ve ever known. Is all that I’ve ever known

I write this as I ride on the train to Toronto (it was originally handwritten as were the last two delayed posts).  The countryside of Canada flies by through the window and All American Rejects rings out through my iPod headphones.  All that I can think of though is that I can’t fathom the fact that I just “did” Niagara Falls.  That certainly wasn’t part of the plan when I left Australia in January.  It was part of the “when I am 60 years old plan”.  Unexpected but Ace.

I woke up this morning in my King Sized bed realising that i has been too long since I didn’t sleep in a dodgy small bed.  My back felt awesome and I was tucked up in only a corner of the bed…sleeping habits are obviously hard to break.  I also had a landmark dream last night…the first time I remember dreaming about my return home.  Okay, I lived next door to a multilevel Starbucks and most of my Leeds friends were also there but coming home is definitely on my mind.

As we rolled out of our beds. packed the room, checked out (easy task even though the intial bill had a mysterious parking charge on it) and had a Tim Horton’s breakfast (The Strawberry bloom is gorgeous!  Just gorgeous!), we knew today was going to be a day to remember.  Niagara Falls is after all hard to forget.

First on the to-do list was the Maid of the Mist or how it is known to me “The Niagara Falls boat from the Nanny.”  We took the second boat of the morning (which was good as the 1st was packed and ours had plenty of space) and the views/experience was amazing.  As the boat powers into the powerful force fo the falls you are drenched by the mist (luckily a souvenir poncho is provided) and as I attempted to see through soaked glasses you are just in awe at what nature has provided for you.  The boat goes past both waterfalls and you get a nice voice over telling you about the different falls and some interesting facts – the story of the 7 year old boy going over the Horseshoe falls is particularly good.  As you disembark the boat and realise that you now smell like the waterfalls (ie swampy), I think the one word you can only use to describe the waterfalls is Fierce!


Next on the list to do was teh Journey behind the falls where you put on another poncho, go down behind the Canadian-Horseshoe falls and stand on an observation deck a mere meters away from the power.  Not as good as the Maid, but that is an unfair standard to compare it to.  The view of millions of gallons of water flowing past the portals is breathtaking and worth the price of admission itself!  You also have a few new tidbits of information to learn and some awesome photo opportunities.  The Brilliant power of the falls just can’t be understood until you see it up close.

After a quick trip to a Zoltar Fortune Teller machine (think Tom Hanks in Big) as it took the last of my American dollar notes and a sundae in the Coca-Cola shop, we decided to do the Niagara’s Fury 4D experience…what is the 4th dimension?  Well it is water  as even the cinemas in Niagara Falls get you wet.  You do a 10 min 3D fil of Chip the student chipmunk learning about the Creation of the falls before the real fun begins.  You walk in to another room, grab on to the handle wearing another poncho and are sprayed and shaken and feel as if you have not only gone over the falls but seen them throughout their history.  I could imagine this is a well good thing for kids, a real winner with school groups as it is part education and part adventure ride…it certainly was a winner with me!

Okay so that is Niagara Falls done.  If I had to advise anyone about Niagara Falls I would pretty much recommend everything we did (except the cab ride haha).  There was a bit more to do in the area, none of which interested us and generally one or two days would definitely be enough to get the full experience.  Go on a weekend though and you see the falls illuminated and a fireworks show.  How come we got the fireworks on our Wednesday we still don’t know.  Maybe we are just awesome…or lucky..or both 😛  The Hilton was also a great hotel –  good price and location and most of all we had gorgeous views from the room.

Niagara Falls would be high on my must see list for anybody.  It is a bit out of the way of anything besides Toronto, but remember this is coming from the son of two geographers who has been made to see way too many crappy geographic landscapes in his time!


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  1. Cool, but as soon as I saw Journey with a capital J, I have “Don’t Stop Believing” in my head. Thanks man. Thanks.

    Comment by Stevechops | June 13, 2009 | Reply

    • Steve Perry ftw!

      Comment by casaboy69 | June 13, 2009 | Reply

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