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So my indoctrination in to the ways of living according to Joey continued last night with a trip to Wally’s Cafe – a jazz/blues bar. Now in no way was I forced, or am I implying anything like that. However, what I am saying is that I had a great time and  it is a place that I probably wouldn’t have gone to had I been in Boston alone or gone with someone else.  That is the joys of travelling with someone else I think, you are stretched a little more than usual.  Although it is a two way street, we went along to Fenway Park yesterday (definitely a Simon thing ) and Cocktail drinking Joseph ordered a beer last night (admittedly by accident) but I am still claiming some minor victories 😀


What was Wally’s like though? Well there was an interesting mix of people ranging from fellow young 21 year olds like us, a heavily (and I mean HEAVILY) intoxicated ethiopian guy, a teacher attempting to mark middle school papers and a whole bunch of more.  A true mix of people and the place was packed.  The drinks were also pretty cheap for a jazz bar with no cover. On the music side of things unfortunately somewhat for Joey, it was the Blues night instead of the other 6 nights were it is all jazz.  However the band was ace.  Although the term Blues was interpreted loosely to cover a variety of genres.  Once again there was a great Alto Sax place and even more this time he really enjoyed himself. 


This morning was not much to write home about.  Yet I will try to do just that.  We ate, we got up and we checked out.  They were nice enough to let us store our bags at the hostel until 8:30pm as we were not sleeping in a hostel/hotel tonight…we were riding the rails all night to Niagara Falls.


Sunny Boston had left us though as rain and overcast conditions greeted us as we walked out the door.  It was not a big issue though as our plan for the day was to do an indoor activity – The New England Aquarium.  Now I may be wrong but I don’t think I remember going to a proper aquarium before.  I have been to Sea World as a little tacker, but I am not sure if that counts. Regardless, this was a great aquarium.  A big circular tank was in the centre of the multistory building with penguins on the ground floor, sea lions out the front and various other marine life exhibits and tanks dotted along the outer walls. My favourite part was definitely the gorgeous jellyfish as they just are SO weird and don’t really look real, especially up close.  There were many great things though like the sharks, rays and 600 other fish in the main tank, the informative shows and the 3D imax theatre.  The one annoying thing was that they kept saying ‘fishes’.  Obviously this is another dumb american thing and although I sometimes say ‘fishes’ in jest…it was really annoying to read and hear it over and over again.  At least there wasn;t a “sheeps” museum in Boston…


I mentioned the Imax 3D theatre and for just US$5 extra we went along to the 1pm “Wild Oceans” show.  IT was about the Wild Coast of South Africa and although Sardines (the main stars of the show) aren’t the most “wild” of animals and I expected a bit more mayhem from the title it was a good 3D Imax Movie.  Some of the shots they got were surreal, the use of 3D was generally well done and shocked you without being tacky.  Good thing to do…although you do look like a geek with the 3D glasses on and get some very sore eyes.


We still had quite a few hours until our night train to Niagara Falls via NYC left so we filled in time by eating at a  variety of stalls, browsing though an even greater variety of shops and stores (Who is this Fred kid that is so popular with “the teenagers”?!!  If you know please tell me!).  We also stopped for a final glass of Sam Adams beer, making the most of Boston and it’s pub and beer culture.


Surprisingly we still had MORE time to fill but eventually we found ourselves in Borders.  We read all the Niagara Falls and Toronto travel books.  Got some last minute hints and made lists of what to do over the next few days.  Generally we also just delved the depths of what a massive bookstore can hold.


After that it was time to leave now foggy Boston behind as we bordered the train to New York City Penn Station, which got in at 2am and where we had a 5 hour wait until our Niagara Falls train. (In hindsight we could’ve organised the cities in a slightly better order but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing eh?).  Not to worry though as with the two of us for company, a couple of books (Elephants on Acid and Obama’s brilll Audacity of Hope) and the need to sleep…we will be able to fill in that time


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  1. it took 3D glasses to make you look like a geek? *ducks – as she is sure said 3D glasses at being imaginatively hurled in her direction*

    Comment by elladanes | June 12, 2009 | Reply

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