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Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go, Where everybody knows your name…

Now I am not really a breakfast person.  Anybody who knows me well knows that breakfast eating is the exception and not the rule.  However, this morning’s breakfast at the slightly dated YWCA was enough to make anybody hungry.  With Bagels with cream cheese, yogurt, eggs, cereal and a variety of juices on offer…it was well good.  However, I must admit that neither Joey or myself were game enough to try making our own waffles at the waffle station…everybody else just seemed so skilled in the making process we would just embarrass ourselves.

In our short time in Boston though we have quickly noticed that there are a few things held to be very important.  Boston’s role in the birth of America, Religion, Beer and the Red Sox.  Well after walking the freedom trail, already having downed a Sam Adams pint and having little interest in attending a church service, this morning it was time for us to make the pilgrimage to Fenway Park – Home of the 2007 World Series Champions (And boy they won’t let you forget that victory a few years ago :P).

Fenway Park

For just US$12 we got a place in the large 11am tour group.  Our trusty guide Maury couldn’t have been more “Boston” if he was jumping around dressed as a Native American, splashing tea around while losing baseball for 80+ years.  Although I must admit on hearing his name I expected him to be periodically announcing who WAS the baby’s father.  (For the majority of my family readers…ignore this last bit and just assume I watch too much TV!).  The tour was really good and compares favourably to the other stadium tours I have done.  Although we didn’t get to see the dressing rooms, we did get to see all sides of the park and time was given to explain the history and folklore of the Red Sox to us foreigners.  The tour was slightly loud and american at types, but very enjoyable.  You left knowing Boston’s religious like love for the Red Sox that won’t be able to die and their similar hatred of all things Yankees haha.

After that we walked back through the business centre of Boston towards the Boston Commons park.  The sun was shining as we have been lucky enough to have the sun as our travelling companion for most of the trip.  The park was a lovely place and some sections were particularly gorgeous although the appeal of the mass transport swans boats was lost on me.  They are neither romantic, beautiful or efficient transport so why pay to use them?  Before that thought could get any further in my head we had strolled in to the Massachuessets State Building.  With its sparkling gold dome and design that has influenced most major american political buildings, it was quite a place to walk around.  Any political building has an appeal to me, so a good looking one is extra special.  As we strolled around the halls and saw some amazing rooms, spaces and stairwells it was clearly still a functioning political building, you felt a little strange walking around it as an un-restrained tourist, you couldn’t help think about the lively debates of yesteryear.

As we were now well and truly in the “afternoon” a beer and some snack food sounded awesome so we headed off to the Cheers Bar.  Now the “Bull and Finch” was its original name I think and it looks nothing like the bar of the TV but its inspiration for the writers of Cheers is well recorded.  The bar has now changed its name to Cheers and has even expanded upstairs to include a massive giftshop and a second bar this time made as a replica of the one from TV.  As I drank my beer (Boston Red Brick Beer) and we ate our Mozzarella sticks, you couldn’t escape the fact the place was just a little cheesy (it wasn’t just the sticks :P) and clearly capitalising on tourists…but it still was a nice place to sit and relax.


The rest of the afternoon was not that exciting.  We walked around the streets of Boston some more, bought some snacks for the long train ride to Niagara Falls (including some savoury ones for once :D) and snuck in to Wendy’s for a burger.  I do miss the ability to have bread that isn’t 80% sugar though…first thing I am doing when I hit Europe again is having some non-diabetes causing bread!  As if a cheeseburger needed to be worse for you haha.

Okay, well the minutes on my internet account are running out so I best be off…


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  1. laughing at your use of cheesy! wow you’ve certainly romanticised boston! sounds like you were quite caugfht up in it all! and loving the synergy between post and post title. (and so sad u watch that much day time tv, how are you HOME often enough for this??? lazy bl**dy uni student) xx

    Comment by bethy | June 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. simy, you are NOT the father! go red sox 🙂

    Comment by shanchops | June 9, 2009 | Reply

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