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New York, open your eyes to me. Let me be what I want to be. Tell me, tell me it’s not too late….

On our last night in New York City, what better to do than do Times Square and the Empire State Building at night.  With my sore knee braced up for more walking and our new chinese roommate (who called me Sam and neither Joey or I remembered his name) tagging along.  Off we went at about half eight…just as the sun was going down.

The Empire State Building dominates the New York skyline, particular now the twin towers are no longer there and when you are standing at the base you almost fall over backwards as you look up at the tip.  Before you even enter the building we joined the first of many lines before we would get to the top.  Actually scratch that, the first of a bloody million lines that you have to join to get to the top.  Security lines.  Ticket lines.  Elevator lines and lines just for people who are slowly working their way through the building as well.  At least the lines move.  We managed to skip a few lines as well as once you got to the 80th floor you were able to walk up and down the 6 flights of stairs to the 86th floor observational level.
At the top, it is quite cold, quite windy but the view is amazing.  At night you see all the wonders of New York lit up and it just doesn’t seem real.  We were able to see all the places we have explored over the previous five days and oh such more.  Really I think that Sleepless in Seattle had it right…it is a brill place at night.  I haven’t done it at night, but I don’t think the view from the top during the day can top what we saw.  We were helped though as it was a warm and clear summer’s night though!  New York is a great, gorgeous city and I have had a wonderful time here, to be up the top of the Empire State Building to say goodbye was the fitting fairwell.


Empire 2

Jazz Dude

The above Sax dude was playing jazz at the top of the Empire State Building – Ace!

We then strolled back through Times Square, which was daylight although it  was 10:40pm by this point, took some photos, ate some pizza and now am off to bed.  Boston awaits in the morning.

Times Square


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