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Missed the Saturday dance, Hear they crowded the floor, Couldn’t bear it without you, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore…

Last night, as the rain continued to pour down in New York City, we went out in search of a relaxing drink or two.  We walked around a fair, down to basically Chelsea but didn’t find anything that had space that really took our fancy until we had headed back up to around Penn Station.  It was  cafe/cocktail place, with really loud hip hop (okay that was the bad side) but the layout was pretty cool and I had the best Long Island Ice Tea I have had in a while.  As we continued to chat as the night turned in to later night we ended up swapping to TGI Friday’s across the road.  It was a relaxed fun night of just chatting and a couple of drinks.  A late night trip to Wendy’s on the way home started the Great Hamburger Debate about whether a hamburger is ham or beef.  Our discussion proved rather humorous to those who we asked, but I was happy enough to be proved right in the end 😀

One thing I did realise as I was chatting with Joey last night is that, at the moment, how much I am missing Leeds (and will continue to miss Leeds) and how relatively little I am missing my true “home.” Leeds is an awesome place full of well good people, so it is not that surprising that I would miss it, but miss it more than home?  Well there is no need for friends and family of Melbourne to be upset because I think I have subconsciously taken note of the fact that I am coming home soon.  Why miss a place when it is just over a month until I am back for good?  Also, with Leeds I will definitely not be back to soon, maybe will not be back at all too and I leave a lot of great memories and brill friends there.  Melbourne on the other hand was always the final destination and I was only going to gone for the moment.

This morning after a long wait to get in to the small hostel’s only shower and a donut breakfast we were out walking around on what would turn out to be a gorgeous Saturday.  The sun was well and truly shining and the rain of yesterday a distant memory.  Our plan was to basically walk 3/4s of Manhattan today and my tired and sore legs are evidence that we basically did that today.  We made the most of our last day in New York.  We started off by strolling down to Grand Central Station a grand and beautiful building that probably should be something more significant than a train station.  It is just too bad we leave and arrive through Penn Station and not this old girl.  A short walk over to the United Nations then followed.  Not the most impressive buildings I will see in my travels but it was important to see the place where the UN sits as it marked an achievement for this political nerd…you never know one day I may end up there working.

As it was a weekend and the weather was so amazing the streets were packed.  As we strolled down towards South Street Seaport, we walked through an endless line of street markets which sold a  variety of things although it appeared that they all were basically the same 4 stores (sunnies, juice, bbq and t-shirts) repeated.  We also saw a mixture of different buskers throughout the day – the tap dancers were clearly the best in at least my opinion and I think Joey agrees.  One thing that gets annoying with these buskers is that a lot of them misunderstand the showmanship of a good street performer and end up just delaying the eventual performance so much that ANYTHING is completely underwhelming.  The dancers in Washington Square in the afternoon were the worst offenders in this category.

Eventually we made our way through the East Village, past the symbolic structure of the Brooklyn Bridge and to the South Street Seaport.  On a lovely fine day like today it was a great place to be.  We found ourselves strolling through the variety of stores and stalls (The as seen on TV store was particularly funny for me as WHO WOULD BUY THAT STUFF?!) and eventually grabbing some lunch (eating being a surprisingly irregular activity for us this trip despite all the walking).  From there it was past more stores and cafes and the skinned bodies exhibition which should’ve been putting the people off their foods in the neighbouring cafes and eventually we found ourselves in Battery park.  Here there was more of the same.  Buskers, stalls and soooo many people.  There was also the Clinton Castle which has to be the lamest castle of all time…what were the dutch thinking when they built that?  At one point I took a photo that must, to some extent, some up America.  A person dressed up as a tacky Statue of Liberty for paid photos with a VERY conservative christian group preaching to the masses behind them.  I am not sure what that statement that picture makes…but I think it is an accurate one.

From there we went on to Ground Zero, which is still a very moving place to walk past even though it is a building site.  We saw the Ladder 10 Memorial on the new firestation which has been done very well, but the one thing that I took notice of was the true size of the buildings’ footprint.  You see them on TV and in pictures but they must have been real monsters and the devastation of them coming down can’t really be understood.  As our walking around Manhattan continued we saw a pee-wee baseball game, which brought back memories of my coaching of Under 11’s Cricket although the coaches were definitely the stereotypical loud pushy ones and not as awesome as me 😛  Even if the kids still suffered syndrome from the same “too young and small to do much of the game properly”.

To round out the day it was up through Tribecca and Soho, stopping for a Mojito and something to eat in a brilliant little cuban cafe and then back up Broadway to our hostel to rest up.  Soho and Greenwich Village are probably my favourite places that I could live in if I were to live in New York and are great places to walk through, especially as the sun shines.  One thing I probably wouldn’t do often if I lived in New York would be too walk up Broadway (unless seeing a show) which is full of shady stalls and suspect types offering to sell you the moon for a dollar.  Not necessarily the Broadway that you hear about as an outsider…



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  1. Sup ‘same continent’ buddy!


    Comment by Stevechops | June 7, 2009 | Reply

    • East Coast all the way! 😛

      Comment by casaboy69 | June 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. oh. my. god. sounds SO fabulous… busy but awesome. it is a great dream of mine to strollaround new york, and if next years plans go well i should be able to ‘follow in your footsteps’……… xx

    Comment by 'bethy' | June 7, 2009 | Reply

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