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Make ’em laugh! Make ’em laugh! Don’t you know everyone wants to laugh?

One of the things I, and I am sure many other people, have always associated with New York is Stand Up Comedy.  It was therefore only logical that we would go to a show or two while we were here.  Last night, after spending what seemed like hours on the internet picking and choosing which of the millions of comedy clubs we should go to, we headed down to Chelsea to the Gotham Comedy Club that was putting on it’s monthly Comicus show.   The walk down to 23rd Street was remarkably quick for some reason.  The fact it had been pouring with rain for the hour or two earlier and had just stopped when we left may have had us moving a little faster but it felt like we flew down there.   On the way we strolled through a bit of Chelsea where I learnt that all the bank ATM’s are locked behind doors and you need a card to get in to the small room where they are after about 4pm, there are street cash machines…but they look uber-dodgy.  I also learnt that it is cruel to call a place “Candy World” and then only sell sugar-free candy, nuts and fruits.  Those poor kids who’s parents take them there!

The Comedy Club was pretty cool though.  The room was massive and only probably half filled but due to the layout it didn’t feel empty at all.  In the end we had about 5 comedians and another dude hosting for our $15 cover charge and 2 drinks (Well it was 3 drinks but the 3rd ones were free :D).  Probably the first and the last comics (whatever their names where) were the best.  They were able to bridge a variety of topics from relationships to politics to pop culture without falling in to the trap of being stereotypical or relying on swearing to make the joke. The other comics were good although relied on the stereotypes a bit too much (I’m a fat gay bald man gets a little old after the first joke IMO) or tried something a little different that didn’t pay off (Such as the “I’m never going to take a breath dude” which can work sometimes but wasn’t a full success last).  In the end, it was an awesome night and well worth the money.  Although, how can I not love a comedy night especially as every comedian in the world somewhat shares my poltical view!

Brekkie this morning was as American as apple pie – we went to a true american diner we had walked past yesterday on the way to the circle line tours.  For US$10 we got an American omlette, pretty good coffee and a waitress who called us “darl” and pretty much every other USA diner stereotype you can think of.  Best of the all the meal was so massive that as a result I was able to last most of the day before I even contemplated food again, which is awesome for the budget conscious (Btw – it has been brought to my attention how much I use the words “awesome” and “cool” and I am not apologising for the fact nor am I changing haha)

After breakfast we walked up Central Park West towards the American Museum of Natural History.  After seeing Night at the Museum 2 and also hearing rave reviews from most people I had chatted to we just had to visit it.  It was just before 11am when we entered the grand building, an hour after opening and it would be 6 1/2 hours before we left-  it was that good.  Inside the gorgeous building was a proper maze of almost unlimited choices.  We didn’t pay extra for any of the special exhibits but we did play the small fee for the Planetarium Show.  After a quick browse through one of the many halls, we went off to watch the “Cosmic Collisions” show.  With the cool tones of Robert Redford narrating the show, we learnt all about a small portion of the wonders of the universe through amazing graphics and technology.  There was a little bit of the show and the pre-show quiz that tested and reminded me of my previous studies of physics…but it was actually great!

It would be too hard to go through all the other halls and exhibits we saw as we pretty much saw everything.  Some rooms we went through faster than others but Joey and I managed to conquer the museum in the end.   Some of the exhibits were clearly older and hadn’t been updated but most were really entertaining. Unfortunately some were closed but that disappoint us too much as there was still a whole bunch to see.  Some of the more interesting parts of the museum were the evolution sections which no doubt would’ve angered some of the more radical american christians but there was also of small display which dealt with this apparent conflict which I thought was pretty good.  In the end we covered the world’s animals and people, through the American Museum of Natural History.

Afterwards we went for a stroll through Central Park – the place of many sections of TV and Movies, especially the gruesome discoveries of Law and Order.  It is a massive oasis in the middle of all the bustle of New York and was gorgeous to walk through.  The best way I can sum it up is that it is a sanctuary that both is the opposite and reflective of the rest of New York. If I lived in New York, I know that I would have to go there regular purely to escape.  In the end, with our legs really tired we walked home.  Grabbed our first American hot dog from one of the many vans (which hasn’t made me sick…yet), walked past another film crew filming on the streets of New York before coming back here to rest up, before heading out again tonight.

Central Park


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