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I got my first real six-string, Bought it at the five-and-dime. Played ’til my fingers bled, It was summer of ’09

The first thing that Joey and I had on our to do list for today was the International Spy Museum.  Sounds cool doesn’t it?  Well on name alone we knew that we had to visit it and even delayed going to it yesterday as we wanted to make sure we had enough time to fully enjoy it.  Lucky we did though as it is big museum with plenty of rooms, trivia quizzes and tidbits of information.

The most interesting parts for me were the real world espionage stories from through out history – even going back to Ninjas and Egyptians –  as well as the bits that got you to test your spy skills.  Joey and I went with the identity of Colin Walker and did quite well…although if lives were on the line I probably wouldn’t trust us!  In the end it was a really interesting place to visit and spend a while in, but it does lead to a little paranoia.  You would be amazed with how they can bug rooms and get information about people.

The one thing that was a little disappointing was that although the Spy Museum tried to be impartial it clearly had  a thread of USA sentiment throughout.  You couldn’t help but read that USA spies were heroes while the KGB or the enemy spies were the villains while in reality they were doing the same job just for different countries.  You also got a bit of the strong America vibe with the closing video display of ”Ground Truth” which seemed to dwell a bit on the “different is the enemy” view of the world.  I would have felt a little bit more at ease if the point about intelligence being about understanding people of different cultures, politics, religions, etc was stressed a little harder instead of being slightly lost in a view that ignorance was too heavily relied on.

We then found another place for lunch.  Not wanting to go back to Harry’s as that would limit our Washington experiences, ignoring the Hooters that we strolled past and being unable to find a traditional american diner we had walked passed earlier we headed to chinatown – always a good place to find food.  In the end, it wasn’t asian food on the menu though.  Joey allowed me to indulge myself by eating at the World of Beers place where there were hundreds of beers and some quite good food.   Of the list of largely american beers I had drunk 50 in my time which was a bit of an achievement but regardless it dwarfed Joey’s attempt which was 10 but included the Barcardi Mojhito from the Non-Beer List of 3 drinks and him taking a sip of my Coopers Pale Ale.  Yes I was able to find Coopers Pale Ale in Washington and it did bring back memories of my 21st cake. Joey did use his obviously well trained beer selecting brain to lead me to drink a “Flying Dog” beer that was quite sweet, okay, but not good.  Well good for american beer I suppose.

We then found ourselves with plenty of time to kill.  We had done all the things we really wanted to do in Washington D.C. so off we strolled to the American History Museum.  After all it was featured in the movie last night as well.  What was interesting though is that it was a little disappointing.  It was cool to see the massive USA flag that inspired the American National Anthem to be written and Dorothy’s ruby slippers, but many of the displays seem to be lacking in depth.  For instance, in the pop culture section there was just about 20 items…the 20 items that you have heard about being in the Smithsonian like Seinfeld’s puffy jacket and the shoes and you would’ve thought that there would’ve been more.  There was a robotics display to keep Joey happy and an Obama Inauguration Display and a large section on USA Presidents that pleased me.  It wasn’t a bad museum, I just suppose I expected better.  Maybe it would’ve been better if I was an American though as I, an outsider, may have just missed out on the “Yay America” side to the place.

We then strolled off to a store we had seen selling Obama stuff. Yes an entire Obama store!  Joey had been picking up a raft of Obama merchandise as presents for his friends and although my weak attempts to stop him spending ALL his money on more Obama stuff should’ve stopped us going to said store…I needed to pick up some Obama stuff of my own.  Name it and you could it get with Barack’s face on it in this store and it was generally reduced price as obviously the vast majority of the items were made for the big day in January. I left with a stubby holder and some badges and a broad smile.

We ended off our day with a relaxing chat and some cocktails.  We started off in “Louie’s bar” that we had walked passed earlier in Chinatown.  The place was okay, but could’ve been perfected with a few adjustments.  It was happy hour though so cheap cocktails pleased us, even if my Cosmo had to be served in the LEAST manly martini glass ever (and the drink isn’t manly to start with!).   We decided to return to “‘Ozie’s” one last time though and it was a good decision I think.  We had the same nice waitress as the other night and even got some free pizza bites as we sipped a few more drinks.  We chatted about all the things people chat about with even a few revelations like Joey’s colourblindness, which I must consider as I can see us going clothes shopping in New York and his opinions will be important in what I get.  Anyone who knows me knows I am unable to buy clothes just without someone telling me that they look good and I should buy ’em!

Anyway, early tomorrow we are off to New York and tonight is the first episode of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (Yes Juz, I will be seeing it LIVE!!) so I should go grab a shower.

Catch ya from the Big Apple!


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  1. Hey Simie!!!

    1. I can’t believe you drank a cocktail! Beer all the way!

    2. Shopping tip: if it’s shiny BUY IT!!! Ok ok on second thoughts maybe you should consult with Shan before considering this blatantly misleading advice LOL

    Comment by Christ | June 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Haha you know I love the shiny almost as much as you Christ and for the record, I have always loved drinking cocktails…I’ve just generally not had anyone cool enough to drink them with 🙂

      Comment by casaboy69 | June 3, 2009 | Reply

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