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Two lovers dressed in their nightgowns, sleeping but their souls are somewhere else. Nobody came when they called for help. There was a ghost in the boy’s bedroom wearing the boy’s mother’s perfume. He didn’t know he would see her soon.

Okay so what is ,more difficult than typing on the keyboard that has not got the corresponding letters to the keys?  Typing on the actual belgian keyboard!

Well, I should get the announcements over and done with.  I am in love. Just after California continues its bigoted views of relationships I feel it is as good as time as any to announce my new love. Now this may shock none of you but I am in love with the De Garre pub here in Bruges.  Up a hidden alley, sits a pub that is housed in a building that has existed for more than 500 years. Inside said pub, for just 3 Euros, you can get the house beer (Triple  Van De Garre). It is the greatest beer ever. Seriously!  It is smooth, strong, sweet, heavy (11  per cent heavy!) and just sex in drink form.  If I would kill my kids for Paradis Ice Cream…you REALLY don’t want to hear what I will do for my one true love 😛


Besides just walking around Bruges, tonight I have also noticed how cheap Bruges is.  It isn’t free, but when compared to Denmark (which is extortion) or any other Euro town;  the prices are amazingly cheap.  The above beer price should tell you such…

After going to De Garre I continued my walking around the city.  In the end I ended up at what is the oldest pub in Bruges…at just under 500 years old! I had to have a beer in this establishment and as I did I couldn’t help but fantasise about the past.  The many people and characters that have gone through those doors in 500 years.  The ghosts that haunt this pub. Somewhat childishly, I ended up thinking only of Guybrush Threepwood coming through those doors… ARGH! I am rubber and you are glue!


My walks continued, as they were assisted by cheap and amazing belgian chocolates.  I walked the streets, the alleys and the parks of Bruges.  I covered so much groudn that I was impressed!  I did need to refuel; so a meal of french fries (or Belgian Frites I should say) and a cheeseburger did just the trick halfway along the walk.  I did manage to tick off another “In Bruges” place as I walked through the park where Ray tries to kill himself.

And with that my day is done. I thought about leaving this til tomorrow, but my legs are so tired the idea of typing a post while stationary was too appealling.  After a very early  morning, I am off to bed!


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  1. How appropriate, you fight like a cow.

    Comment by Steve | May 28, 2009 | Reply

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