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Brilliant sky all over, There’s a brilliant sky all over. These days, yeah…

Last night, after a full day of Copenhagen I was pretty tired.  I feel tiredness may become a common feeling with the amount of stuff I am fitting in over the next few days. However, after a brilliant dinner of Veggie Lasagna, potatoes and salad I did have the energy to go with Peter as he walked Baloo so I saw a little more of the area.


I don’t think I have mentioned Baloo yet.  Baloo is the family dog -a cute little furry one who has quite a bark on him.  He seems to want to be a bigger dog than he really is so barks like a maniac at strangers, especially men, and I fit the bill on both counts.  After a few days though the loveable Baloo is coming around to me though.  When I came home after my day today, there was no barking.  Just an inquisitive, ultra-cute look that you can see below…


Picture 167


Anyway, back to the walk.  As we walked around the suburbs of Copenhagen at near-dusk (which is after 10pm at the moment) and chatted I noticed something.  There is a look to all the houses I have seen around Copenhagen and I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe it besides “Danish” or “European” which are piss poor excuses of adjectives.  Well I figured out the three things that put these house apart.  They all have ultra pointed roofs to deal with the snow.  They are all made out of brick as obviously there is a lot less wood available here than in Australia where weatherboards are quite common.  Finally, all of the houses look like they should be in a fairy tale and made out of Gingerbread.  Okay Hans Christian Andersen was a Dane so that is not surprising but it takes a while for these thoughts to solidify.


Anyway, after watching Mission Impossible 3 and going to bed, today I was off to “tourist” on my own.  I had been informed that the bus we took yesterday goes all the way in to the centre of Copenhagen and drop me off near the Tivoli, so off I went.  I got alighted next to the Tivoli and then started my stroll through the city to my eventual destination – a canal tour.  The Tivoli is one of the main tourist destinations, but we had already planned to go there tonight.  The walk through the city was brilliant as I got to see a variety of different buildings and spaces and got to get a real feel of the city.  One thing I’ve noticed is that all through the city, along the roads and bike paths and in the public squares are statues.  It really brings a level of interest to all the parts of the city.

 Picture 067

The canal tour was pretty good.  For just DK60 (or about 8 pounds) I got an hour tour of the canal and harbour in English, German and French.  The first thing that impressed me was how Leah the young tour guide managed to repeat the whole tour in 3 languages as she went.  It did mean that  you had to listen all the time though as occasionally, with her Danish accent, you couldn’t quite tell if she was speaking English haha.  The tour was really informative and you got to see a lot of Copenhagen as it really is a city built on the water.  A list of the things and places I could see are Nyhavn, The Opera House, Amalienborg Palace, Our Saviour’s Church, The Royal Yacht, Christianborg Palace, the Old Stock Exchange and of course…the Little Mermaid. 


Picture 089


The Little Mermaid statue has been what most people think of when they hear the name Copenhagen, so I had to see it.  I even especially had to see it because as a kid Copenhagen = THAT statue, as in the awesome kid’s computer game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago? the picture that associated with Copenhagen was that statue.  However, although you got a good view of its backside from the canal tour, I wanted to see it up close so that was a task for later on in my day.

After my canal tour, I got a somewhat Danish lunch while on the run to continue my travels around Copenhagen – hot dogs.  There are little sausage stands set up around town and for just DK20 you can get a good feed.  I should say though that my hot dog was so good that I got another…different stand, but equally good.  My plan was to walk from Nyhavn around to the Little Mermaid Statue but on the way I saw some great fountains, churches, buildings and the Amalienborg Palace up close.  There are some great sights in Copenhagen.


Picture 151


Once I arrived at the Little Mermaid statue, I must admit that it isn’t that impressive. I think a lot of my desire to see it comes from societal reasons influencing me that it is the thing I have to do and that it is so associated with the city.  It is a nice statue, but some of the other ones I saw around the city seemed to be much more expressive, beautiful or interesting.


I then ended my day in Copenhagen City by strolling back towards the bus stop.  On the way I strolled though the impressive King’s Gardens.  Today was a proper sunny by that point, so it was very relaxing and beautiful. I found myself stopping to sit in the sun for a bit just to enjoy it.  Anybody else would’ve!  Although I did think as the sun beamed on to my face how differently special these gardens would be covered with fresh white snow in the winter.


 Picture 161


Just before I caught the bus back and rested my tired feet I stopped off to get Paradis Ice Cream again.  It is THAT good that I needed to. Especially as the “Hydelbloom” or whatever that flavour is, is amazingly tasty yet although there are drinks, ice creams and the like flavoured with that berry in Denmark I don’t think I will find it again soon.  After taking a swig of Nikoline’s “Hydelbloom” drink in Christiania yesterday…I have become an addict.


Anyway, I think the time has come to relax in the sun with a Tuborg.  Tonight we will be busy at Tivoli and I need to be full of energy for the world’s oldest amusement park!


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  1. That tree picture is pretty beautiful right there. Really lame sounding, but seriously!

    Comment by Steve | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. Bring the doggy back in your suitcase, i want him!

    Comment by shanchops | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  3. I will forever associate Copenhagen with the mermaid thanks to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego….(maybe the game that inspired me to travel subconsciously?)

    The mermaid won’t be the last over-rated tourist attraction you will see in Europe…..It’s quite often the little things that surprise you the most.

    Comment by Juzzy | May 27, 2009 | Reply

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