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This is our last goodbye, I hate to feel the love between us die. But its over. Just hear this and then Ill go…

Last night I double checked that I had packed everything and did a few final tasks.  I bought my last dodgy british kebab, as I had cleaned out all possible food supplies.  I triple checked I had all the travel documents I would need.  I had my last pint of English Beer in a proper English pub in Yorkshire (Yorkshire Gold was the brew and it was very nice).

I also did something that made myself feel good.  It wasn’t intentionally designed to do so, but it certainly helped cheer up my “omg I’m leaving Leeds!!!!” semi-funk.  I had collected a drawer full of 1p, 2p and 5p coins.  There may have been a few 10p and 20p thrown in as well, but you get the idea – pure shrapnel. Well as they were pointless to me as it wasn’t worth the time and energy to convert them to “useable” money, I thought someone else could use what on rough estimate was between 5 and 10 pounds worth of coins (I had collected and not spent a single copper or 5p coin since I arrived in the UK, I just hate carrying them around and I always got embarrassed when I bought something if I would spend one minute just trying to find that “2p” coin in my pocket).  Well I went to the 3 stores around me, each of which I had noticed a different charity collection tin, and dumped a 1/3rd in each. What surprised me was that each of the store owner’s had chosen that charity for specific reasons and when they saw the “coin dump” would thank me and tell me their story.  In the day and age where a lot of the donations I make are over the phone, etc it was pretty pleasing to see someone, face-to-face, who (or who’s family) your donation (even however small) was helping…


This morning was a bugger of a start.  4am wake ups are hard, but not as hard as you would expect as the stupid Nothern Hemisphere means that it is actually almost bright at 4am….after getting dark at like 11pm.  All I had to do was shower, donate my bedding and take me bags to the waiting taxi.  However a busted lift, something that I had gotten way to used to at Sentinel Towers made sure I got my exercise for the day carrying my stuffed to the brim, heavy bag down the stairs.  The cab to the Bus Station was  a pleasant experience.  My “proper” yorkshire cabbie kept the talk flowing and made sure I realised I was Australian…and that means the piss must be extracted for all minutes of the journey. I gave as good as I got though 😉


Picture 002

My “empty” room

Leaving Leeds was a weird experience.  I found myself looking around my room, building, suburb and city knowing that I will most likely not see them again (or if I do it will be in 20+ years time).  Yet it couldn’t sink in.  I was sad, but I seemed to be waging an internal battle trying to convince myself that I was really was leaving.  That was until the time we left suburbia and started having the motorway surround by lush green open land.  At that point, I realised that Leeds is now the past and I may have had a tear or two hidden behind my eyes.


I had chosen to take the bus down to London as it was cheaper and the fact it took an hour extra didn’t really bother me as I could sleep the way down.  It did annoy me that not only was the bus 20 mins late in arriving but by the time we arrived in London we were 40 mins later than planned.  This lead to a mad rush through Greater London on the tube, bus (a wank of a bus driver didn’t help :P)  and foot.  I popped in to drop my bag off with Marmi, stayed for a drink and cookie and the mad rush continued.  I rushed back to Victoria Coach station (including a delightful tube ride complete with guitar playing busker) where I had enough time to buy something to eat and in the end take the EzyBus 20mins before the one I was supposed to catch.  The result of that is that I have this 20 mins in Stansted Airport (Yes Obama’s airport of choice 😉 ) to post this.


The reason I took the EasyBus is that 1) Stansted is as close to London as Kalgoolie is to Perth and 2) As I am flying off to Copenhagen on Ezyjet, I saw a level of symmetry there I liked that wouldn’t have existed if I had used another company.  Anyone who has watched the series Airline would be familar with Ezyjet, Stelios and would understand why my EzyBus/Jet experience has been narrated inside my head by Tony Robinson.  It has all gone smoothly so far though.  Check in took a while, but I think that is because I got stuck in the ‘non-moving’ line (isn’t that always the way) and I am never gutsy enough to change lines for fear that as soon as I move that one will come to a complete stop as well.


Anyway, I see a nice airport bar with a pint with my name on it.  In a few hours I will be in Copenhagen.  That has me excited beyond words, although the only thing I can think about now is if Denmark is a “pint” or “litre” kind of country 😛


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