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I’m standing here on the ground. The sky above won’t fall down. See no evil in all direction. Resolution of happiness…

Not being much of an art or religious person…the picture will make sense in a minute 😉

As I sit here now writing this post, I sit in the most bland room ever.  Now I never tarted my room up THAT much, but it was somewhat “Simon-ified.” However, yesterday amongst occasional bouts of study I cleaned and packed up my room.  Anything that is coming back to Australia with me but not around Europe is packed in my big bag.  Anything that I don’t need is either in the dumpster or the charity donation bins downstairs.  The only things out are my electrical stuff I am charging up, my study notes and clothes that at some point today will be washed.  It is strange though…the room is so empty.  It is familar but it definitely doesn’t feel like the place i’ve spent 4 and a bit months in.

And now we get back to the picture.  After my day of studying and organising, we went off to what will be our Leeds equivalent of the last supper (get it? 😉 ).  I leave on Saturday for good and although Johnno, Brent and Josh are all back in Leeds again today they headed off to various parts to fit some travel in.  So it was the last time the four of us would get together.  To mark such an occasion where else could we go but Akmal’s?  That curry joint has served us well over our time in Leeds and although we have been there so often I have to admit that each and every time I got the Lamb Biryani.  Okay I am not the most inventive eater, but when something is THAT good why take the gamble and for a tenner its good value!  The night was surprisingly not that different to the many other dinners we have shared.  The topic of ‘where will we be in 10 years’ seemed to dominate the conversation but there was of course the mandatory forays in to political discussion and debate.  It was only at the end of dinner when I said goodbye to the guys for the last time in England that it started to sink in.  I will see Brent and Josh again when we cross paths in New York in a couple of weeks, but as Brent and I walked back to our corner of Leeds through Hyde Park for the last time I only then realised how final this all was.  Brent and I had walked that walk numerous times, almost daily some weeks and before I have even taken time out to realise what a routine it had become…it is over.


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