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It’s getting la-ate. I’m making my way over to my favorite pla-ace. I gotta get my body moving, shake the stress awa-ay…

Last night I headed out for one last pint at the Eldon on a Tuesday.  As I almost feel as if I have left Leeds already it had to be done.  Brent, Josh and I chatted and sipped our beers in a place that has become more connected with Tuesday for me that the T, the U, the E or the SDAY.  Obviously some Leedsians were like Brent and had already finished all assessment as a few Otley Runs came through – that lead to the first time I have seen an ambulance called for an Otley Run participant who was just way too drunk.  I am not sure whether to be surprised that I witnessed it or be surprised that it took until I was almost out of Leeds for it to happen.  I’ll get back to you on that one.

We were eventually joined by Rob and an assortment of other people we had met along the way.  I had made it clear that I wouldn’t be having a big night.  I had finished that off last Thursday. To ensure that this was the case I had also only brought 13 quid out with me.  Eventually though THAT time rolled around and off we strolled to Tiger Tiger – Space and other places were mentioned but I think we all knew in our heart of hearts that, as always, we would be off to our Tuesday club.  I wasn’t drinking much, but I could still have a good night out I thought….and in the end I had an awesome night.

The music was great, the dancing was great – beside my attempts which were probably poor to mediocre at best 😛 and the company was also great.  We got to go out one last time…again and even have a few, rather deepish, chats with some of the best people I have met.  On the company though, it was even better than we expected.  Not to slag off Rob, Josh, Brent, Tim and the girls but we were also graced with the company of the West Indian Cricket team.  Turns out they are in Leeds for a one-dayer against England and of course Dwayne Bravo, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Dinesh Ramdin and others we didn’t recognise had to relax with a good night out at Tiger Tiger.  As the night wore on we were slightly more bold though…we went from “oh wait is that ****?” to eventually Josh buying them drinks and me being used as the guy to ask “who are you?”.  Turns out if you want to party with the West Indian Cricket Team, you don’t go to Jamaica, you don’t go to Barbados, you go to Leeds 😀

In one of those rather deepish conversations I mentioned before I had a mini revelation about why I came on Study Abroad.  In short I was able to confirm to myself that although my life back in Melbourne is brilliant, there are aspects of it that I need to alter slightly.  Not massive changes, you won’t see me come back, quit my degree and join a commune but slight changes in a few areas.  This leads me to think about the upwards of 8 people who have over the past 5 months asked me “what is Study Abroad like?”, “I’m thinking of doing it…should I?” or a myriad of other questions.  In short, my answer is yes.  The longer answer is “hell yes!” and the Will Smith answer “AWHHH HELL YEAH!”

That does come with a few provisos though.  Studying overseas for 6 months is great, but you need to be doing it for the right reasons.  If you just want to travel, just travel.  Studying overseas is about the experience of living in a foreign life for a while, the travel is  an important part of it but it really should be one of the more minor reasons for why you want to do it.  Also, if you do it make sure that you are prepared to leave your life at home where it is…at home.  Yes with email, facebook, skype and whatever you can keep in regular contact with friends and family and I have.  However, I have witnessed a few people over here who weren’t willing to leave what they had at home back in their home country and all they end up is screwing up the whole experience.  A few tips are that if you are saying “no” to people when you are overseas to go home and contact friends and family on the internet, you are doing it wrong 😉  On the topic of saying “no”, my final point is that to do study abroad properly you need to say “yes.”  Okay, you may have some financial restrictions but I think you get the best out of the experience by taking every opportunity that comes your way. I would like to think that I have done that and it has been one of the main reasons I have had such an amazing time.

I may be wrong…but thats my 2 cents.  Or should that be 2p? 😛


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