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Come on Tuesday I feel better, Even my old man looks good, Wednesday just won’t go, Thursday goes too slow, I’ve got Friday on my mind…

So my life of study, organising to leave and procrastination continues.  Once again I spent my night chatting with friends and watching a movie.  Last night the movie was 50 Dead Men Walking which I had seen advertised in Belfast while I was there.  It starred Jim Sturgess and was about an informer in Northern Ireland in the 1990s…supposedly based on a true story.  It was an interesting enough movie to watch but I think it struggled with the balance of attempting to show both sides of the story.  In trying to cover so much it said very little and became basically just another thriller.  Part of me thinks such complex issues are much better handled by movies that don’t worry about the balancing act so much.  The movie can make its point and then it is up to the viewer to interpret what they have seen.

It was interesting to revist what I learnt, saw and heard in Belfast after having some time to digest it though.  Especially as I have spent a bit of time recently reading up, to some extent, on both Palestine/Israel conflicts and the issues in Sri Lanka.  I am not confident enough to write my ideas in this area though as there are much more informed people than I on the issues.  It doesn’t stop my political, historical and general interests in the world pushing me to learn as much as I can though.  Maybe one day I will be one of those informed minority 😉

I woke up early today so as to have a normal routine for when I travel, but really there wasn’t much point to doing so.  I got up, chatted to some friends (both those back home and those I will soon leave) and then hit the books.  Procrastination and general hunger then distracted me as I ate cheese and watched the final episode of the season of How I Met Your Mother.  I studied some, read my daily dose of Crikey and now I am here, looking out the window at Elland Road.  It is strange that I only noticed that my window is directly pointed at the home of Leeds United just the other day. I’ve looked out that window almost everyday for 4 1/2 months and yet missed what is such an obvious landmark. I have been here so long, seen and done so much, but most probably missed even more.  So much more that I feel I could do and see, yet time is not on my side. Its a weird feeling to have when I am being torn in 3 directions – home, travel and what has become “home”.


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  1. You never have enough time in life to do what you want to do – it’s more a matter of doing as much as you can in the time that you have! Sounds like you have a good enough reason to make a point of going back at some stage, maybe even working there or elsewhere. 🙂

    Just don’t waste a second.:D


    Comment by Niranjan | May 20, 2009 | Reply

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