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I remember a year ago, I was standing in the crowd waiting for my chance to break through, my chance to live again…

Its strange the type of things that make you remember “home.”  Today I was walking to buy a few items and search in vain for a Leeds shot glass (can’t find one anywhere Juz!) and I a white little car parked along the side of the road.  One thing you notice in the UK is that as Europe is on its doorstep, if not in it’s front room their cars are largely European and you don’t see many asian cars lying around.  This little white car looked familiar and surprisingly brought back almost the strongest feeling of ‘home’ I have felt…its was a white mid-90s Hyundai Excel.  It was the same car as my little ‘foxy’ back home and I strangely miss her. (By the way, don’t ask why my car is called ‘foxy’. It just happens to be that my family is weird with regards to naming inanimate objects and you get a car called Fox when you buy your first car off my aunt ;))

Besides shopping and my walk, today I did more study and some cleaning.  On the study front, I feel confident I now know largely all my fact, figures and points.  If it was a science I would feel really confident.  Tomorrow I will work on ensuring I can work this ‘knowledge’ in to good essay responses and I should be fine for my friday exam.  On the cleaning front, I must admit that it was probably the first time I have cleaned some parts of my room since I arrived.  I did a massive throwout of all unwanted pieces of paper (which was a surprisingly large pile), a bunch of towels/bathroom mats that I will not be bothering taking home with me and everything else that I need to throw out bar the cuttlery/crockery/bedding I will donate to the charity bins that are now in our lobby just before I go.  I even got down on my hands and knees and cleaned my shower/bathroom…I’ve never missed having a cleaning lady so much in my life 😛

Now as my post has been working ‘backwards’ in time, much like those good movie, I will end it discussing last night.  In what has been common for me in Leeds and super common for me in the last few days I spent my night watching a movie.  What movie you ask? Well I wasn’t following Twilight with “The Babysitters Club” or other teenage girl fair, I followed it up with a movie with plenty of swearing, gunfire, death, drugs, alcohol and not so politically correct jokes – In Bruges.  In Bruges would be close to my favourite movie of last year (Up there with Wall-E and Slumdog Millionaire and yes I work on “academy awards years”).  The beautiful scenery of the city of Bruges, as seen in this film, is one of the main reasons I will be travelling there in just over a week, although it is not particularly liked by Ray (Colin Farrell – who has the line “And I realized, f**k man, maybe that’s what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in f**kin’ Bruges”).  So I thought it would be great to get a refresher course to see if I can spot a few places from the film in my touristings.  It killed two bird with the same stone though as it was as enjoyable a film in repeat.

*This is the censored version of the trailer for the movie, every line has had its swearing cut out…there is another one on youtube that is a more accurate reflection of the movie*


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  1. oooooooh yay twilight! i just got around to watching it and like a silly emo teenage girl i loved it! the vampires are sparkly! but you’ve inspired me to see in bruges IMMEDIATELY… i will head to the video store asap!

    Comment by bethy | May 19, 2009 | Reply

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