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Over a surprisingly large amount of posts (I checked and was really shocked!) I have made a few confessions…well it is time for another one. Last night I finally gave in to what I can basically call “badgering at its best” from some friends.  I watched Twilight.  I had little urge to read the book, I don’t read much fiction, but I thought a 2 hour film could at least give me something to do last night instead of studying.  Now the confession is not that I watched Twilight, but that I liked it. Although it is almost like ‘write by numbers a story for teenage girls’ and I had picked up on most of the story/ending from various sources, I liked it.  I found myself involved in it…and that sucks 😛 haha

Anyway, what else have I done in the last day?  Well, my study is going well (although I now know more about crime prevention than is necessary for anybody to know!) and I have also done some more trip planning.  As all my accommodation, flights and trains are booked I just had to do a few last things.  I, today, applied for the online USA visa waiver program which took all of 5 minutes and as long as you aren’t a terrorist or a Nazi you should be fine.  The only question I had was whether to use my Australian or British passport.  I am travelling with a Brit so I thought it might be easier for consistency if I used my British passport but as I am an Australian resident and my accent should still be Australian enough to be picked up by a yank border official  I decided to go with Australian.Also, on my Australian passport I have a shaved head which would match me now more than the curly locks of British Citizen Simon Casinader.  I am just trying to minimise all the possible problems.  The other things I did was do a rough plan of things I want to do in Copenhagen and Bruges (my two pre-USA stops)…they will be some pretty full on 7 days.  Actually it will be a pretty full on 2 months haha

One thing I’ve noticed though is that it is really hard trying to adjust my sleeping patterns to a more normal existence.  With all the going out and late night chatting with people I have somehow set my body clock that going to sleep at 1am is the earliest I can sleep.  With a 9am exam on Friday and a 4:30am wake up on Saturday, I am desperately trying to change that.  It doesn’t help though that it is only once my head touches that pillow that I start to think about how little I have left in Leeds.

Just 6 sleeps to go :/


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  1. I cant believe u watched Twilight….i must be like the only person who hasn’t seen it (though i am refusing to!!)

    Comment by Siobhan | May 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. Haha I was refusing too…and did quite well I thought. However, I finally gave in as I had like 5 people spend a sum of one hour in a day demanding I get around to it (and also it counts as procrastination 😉 )

    At least I haven’t seen/read the Da Vinci Code and I’m standing strong on that one!

    Comment by casaboy69 | May 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. siobhan, watch twilight, simon, watch the da vinci code. hahahah

    finally watched twilight…. loved it (despite my refusal to watch it till now)

    Comment by bethy | May 20, 2009 | Reply

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