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So I have finally taken to dealing with the whole “study thing” and thinking about the exact process of leaving Leeds (which is now “7 sleeps” away in the traditional children’s countdown unit).  I have organised all my university notes for Crime Prevention and am in the process of studying them.  I have also written a list of the things I have to do before I leave, which although a relatively short list, I fear my attempts at procrastination as I don’t want to leave may mean it drags out somewhat.  All in all it is a rather strange week ahead for Simon I think…

On a related note to my exam study, I have received my first mark for my completed assessment tasks.  While I will have to wait until July 7 (or  “arrive in Cardiff day”) for the majority of my marks to be released, we have received the completed assessment for the presentations we had to do for Comparative European Legal Systems.  I got a 64/90 which equates to “Upper Second Class” in their weird system if I recall correctly.  I’m pretty happy with that grade.  Odds are I could’ve done better, or put in more work, but going over to Leeds was never purely about academic pursuits.  Yes I probably could’ve pushed in to “first class” but that would’ve meant less time for travel or for socialising.  If I can get “Upper Second Class” marks across the board for my subjects…I would be pretty happy.

The only other thing of note that has happened in the last day, as I have tried to get back to a normal sleep/life pattern, was that we had a Thunderstorm.  It wasn’t the best thunderstorm, it certainly wasn’t tropical, but it was good enough.  I did do something a little strange on the recommendation of a good friend though and that was to go for a walk during the storm.  “Do it :D” I was urged and it was a surprisingly calm and relaxing experience.  Gone are the worst days of UK winter so although wet, it wasn’t cold.  However, it appears to help just ‘clear your thoughts’ as you slowly, or not so slowly, get drenched as you go for a walk in a raging storm and it may just have been what I needed yesterday.  “Walking in the storm” is advice I may just take again….

Anyway, the books await…particularly as I already spent a large part of today watching Brisbane in the footy!


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