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Two milestones were reached last night.  Firstly, I am now a card carrying member of the Funky Bunch.  Secondly, I have had my final proper full on night out in Leeds. I will probably head out to dinner/drinks over the next week, but with my exam nigh on the horizon…I will not be having another big night in Leeds.  However, last night was one brilliant night to finish my ‘going out in Leeds’ with!


As the week of mayhem continued, on the agenda for last night was Mezz.  Mezz had always been a big Thursday night home to us so the combination of the two was always set for greatness.  Add in the fact that Johnno, Jamie, Tim and Marc (all the way from Canada via Sheffield…who we met on the North Wales trip and was up to see the soccer and go out “Leeds-style”) were added to mix and no wonder we had a great time.

We once again predrinked at Josh’s before getting a cab to Mezz early at about 11pm.  We had probably the worst cabbie so far on the trip who deliberately took us the long way, even as we were telling him we weren’t the  “stupid foreigners” he may have been expecting  and knew exactly what he was doing.  A 5 pound trip rang up at 8.50 in the end and we weren’t happy.  Not to let that ruin our we quickly forgot about that drama in the loud music, darkness and smoke machined madness of Mezz.

The rest of the night need not be told in detail, some parts should probably be forgotten, but one interesting point of the night was that at about 1:30 we started smelling smoke.  Now this wasn’t “smoke machine” smoke…but the more “ow! Hot! Burny Eyes!” kind of smoke. Soon afterwards we were greeted by the sounds of a fire alarm and the music stopped.  Just as we were getting our bearings and thinking about evacuating via the nearest fire exit, on came the DJ and he said “just give me two minutes” and the club started up again.  Assuming that a flaming sambuca or something had been responsible we continued to dance on until I went to go to the upstairs bar to skip the lines and noticed it had been blocked off.  As it turns out…there really was a fire, a small fire, but a fire nonetheless and the top floor had been shut down.


More “general clubbing” continued until closing  where we headed home, via a stop at the local pizza/kebab joint for a late night snack.  In the end Marc crashed on my floor as I was still prepared with the extra blankets and pillow from when Juz stayed.  I must also say though that Marc made reference to it being surprisingly comfy so I have no idea what you were complaining about Justin 😛 haha

In the morning, we eventually woke up, walked over to Josh’s to pick up a few things and strolled back around to the station where Marc headed back to Sheffield.  It was a cold/rainy day today so I am now quite soaked but the walk did wake me up as a result.  I should be honest though…I say morning as it was “the time after we woke up” but seeing as we got to bed at 5am, there were school kids going home after a long hard day as we walked to the station and I am pretty sure I saw a few stores thinking about closing.  It may have been much more like afternoon (say 3pm), but its all much the same 😉 haha


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