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I can’t really explain it, I haven’t got the words, It’s a feeling that you can’t control…

So after a quick afternoon nap (a highly underrated part of one’s day) we headed off for night #2.  It was off to the Eldon where once again we sat, chatted and drank beers.  Well actually, as usual I drank Guinness.  After spending two weeks in Ireland where I drank little more than Stout I have grown to love it.  Gone are the days where one Guinness would fill me up like a meal and I think I need to make the most of the relatively cheap prices of Guinness over here in the UK before I head back to Australia and get slugged outrageous prices.

As expected the topic of conversation largely revolved around “I can’t believe it has gone so fast.” It is truly amazing to sit back in the middle of May and just add and subtract days, weeks or months. For instance, in one months time I would have left Leeds for good, visited Copenhagen and the rellies there, gone to Bruges, completed my 5 city tour of North America with Joey and would be just boarding a flight to Prague.  That blows my mind!  Especially when if I subtract just one month, I would’ve just been on my way back to Leeds after my trip to Ireland.  It is an amazing feeling of that being so close, yet so far all at the same time.

After the Eldon we had planned on hitting up a club, but when we strolled over to the Fav and found a place that could only be considered lively when compared to the most sombre of funerals this plan caught its first hurdle.  Not to be deterred we went in search of The Space – a club that has a good reputation on a Tuesday Night.  Unfortunately, one too many Guinnesses at the Eldon had meant by the time we got to Space it was quite full and there was a long line.  Knowing it was really the only option we waited in line and prepared for a wait.  What we didn’t prepare for though was a guest list line that was so populated that it was eventually redundant us waiting in our non-moving “normal peeps” line.  Now we would’ve been prepared to wait for a great club, filled with cool people and good music.  However as 1am approached we could hear the music inside wasn’t the best and it seemed like the entire of Frankston and Footscray had come to Leeds and were skipping the line via the guest line.  I am all for David Beckham skipping ahead of me but when it seems to be that the requirements to get inside this club are to be wearing (no joke) a dirty, old, fluro waterproof jacket, be missing a few teeth and have a mullet to make Fraser Gehrig proud…waiting just doesn’t appeal.  In the end we were off to Maccas and we called it an early night.  Knowing we would make up for it tomorrow!


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