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So I have complained about my tiny, uncomfortable bed and my dodgy single pillow but I have surprisingly slept rather well in my time in Leeds.  I woke up to a surprising shock this morning.  It wasn’t the fact that I had woken up before my alarm at a slightly reasonable hour, but it was the fact that in my half asleep/half awake state I had forgotten that I was in Leeds and somehow thought I was back in my bed in Melbourne.  Definitely the result of a lot of talk and thinking about home in the last few days. It was not a big problem you may think, but my bed is up against the wall on the other side over here so as I relaxed and shifted my weight…I preceded to fall most of the way out of bed.  On the plus side the shock of it all woke me up so I could start the day nice and early, but it was a terrifying way to start the day as you realise you are gravity’s bitch.

Today was another rather relaxed day.  I am yet to get properly as I sit here in my trackies and  Brisbane Lions top but I did get a fair bit of study done (I finished my notes) and got to speak to some friends.  Tonight though the study gets put on hold for a couple of days.  To make the most of our last 11 days in Leeds or so we have booked in what we are calling the Week of Mayhem.  Basically it is cramming a week full of everything we have loved/wanted to do in Leeds.  We will be going out every night and hoping that we dont die of sleep deprivation.  I will be pulling up stumps early in the week to get some more study in but I may make a guest appearance later in the week.  There are a couple of rules though and the main one is that you must to 3 nights in a row/5 nights out of the 7 to have attended, so I defintely will have to do these first three nights 😉  I think tonight we are off to Mint to kick start off a fun week…


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