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California! California! You’re such a wonder that I think I’ll stay in bed…

Today was one of those incredibly relaxing days…with a little study thrown in.  I slept most of the day, although there was periodic sessions of awakeness that I used to watch the Richmond vs Brisbane game (a good victory by my boys!).  I would like to say that the many hours of sleep were in response to something more than just pure laziness, but I am not sure if that is possible.  However, once I did manage to rip myself out from under the covers I did start my study for my exam, preparing notes on the first 3rd of the course.  Probably had time to do a little bit more but the desire to procrastinate got the better of me.  Although there is always tomorrow…if I can finish my notes tomorrow I can then take a break for my socially hectic start to the week and hit the books hard later on.

It is interesting though that I have realised how “routine-like” my approach to academic study is as well as how long ago these routines were formed.  I still use the basic essay structure that I was taught by Miss Anderson in year 9 back when I was a C grade English student.  I still can remember making similar “summarised notes” for year 10 exams and them being as useful as they are today.  I even still use the same 4-clicker pens that I started using in early high school.  A creature of habit I definitely am which is interesting as it appears that the habits are so well entrenched that they are used all the way on the other of the world up to eight years after they were formed.  One of the things going on exchange has done is challenge my routine, but it appears some bits of it still remain and I have just managed to fill in the blanks with a new routine.

Anyway I am of to watch Gordon Ramsay attack ‘horrific’ food in shocking restaurants as I sit here pigging out on a 3 quid pizza…nothing wrong with that 😛


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  1. Wait until you reach my age and realise some habits of routine last a lifetime, let alone 8 years! I still make the ‘lists’ that your grandfather taught me to do when I was 7 or 9!

    Ah well, nothing wrong with a little consistency, although a little unexpectedness now and then is quite invigorating. 😀


    Comment by Niranjan | May 10, 2009 | Reply

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