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Softly we tremble tonight, picture perfect fading smiles are all that’s left in sight…

I think you consider yesterday my first day of proper study for my upcoming Crime Prevention exam.  I have managed to organise all my notes and more importantly highlighted the areas where my base knowledge is probably a little weak.  Okay it isn’t much, but it is a start.  I also did another load of washing, eventually :P,  and I even discovered the world’s greatest can of tuna.  As someone who loves tuna, but hates cleaning, opening a can of tuna has always been a mixed experience- yummy food but loads of mess.  Well John West has no got the “no drain, less mess” cans of tuna which do exactly as they say on the label and this is one very happy consumer.

Over the last day or so, and with the help of Juz and others, I have also further booked my travel plans.  I am almost  fully booked up until July 8.  Just a few trains around Europe and a short trip to Paris to organise.  It is all falling in to place and to say I am excited is an understatement.

Also, I have realised that I think how I organised my time away has suited me brilliantly. I had a two week ‘holiday’ to London at the start, where I was able to adjust to life in England and life away from family (although I had the great stepping stone of the extend family allowing me to stay with them for that time).  I then had my 10 weeks in Leeds but pushed through quite a few day/weekend trips to ensure I see a lot of the UK and also ensuring that any potential boredom was kept at bay.  Having 2 weeks of travel to Ireland in the middle of my four week easter break meant that I had enough time to get work done, but also got to have some amazing experiences.  Finally I have this last Month or so in Leeds, making the most of my time left in the city before heading off travelling.

It is the fact that I am travelling for 8 weeks at the end that I think will help me a lot too.  If I had jumped straight from Leeds-life to Melb-life…I fear I may have struggled to adjust as well as I would definitely have missed my Leeds-life too much.  With my plans the way they are, I make the most of my time here, see Europe and North America and by the time I land back in Australia, Leeds will be 8 weeks gone.  I would’ve already dealt with  “leaving Leeds,” before I have to deal with “arriving home”…both things I forecast will be highly emotional.

Others may plan their study abroad time differently and I can’t think of any of my peers who have the same plan as me, but regardless of how well their programs suit them…mine suits me.

As Thursday night is always a big one, last night was no exception.  Mezz, Oceania, Kebabs and Dancing.  All I expect out of a Thursday night out in Leeds.  Not got many of those left though!


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