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What happened last night? Cause I don’t, cause I don’t remember What happened?

I’ve written before about nights that end up vastly different to what was planned. Last night was the kind of night at the other end of the spectrum.  We went to the Eldon at 7pm last night with the intention of watching the Champions League Semi Final and then going wherever the wind takes it.  No plan was the plan…yet somehow we ended up following the similar plan we always seem to follow on a Tuesday night.  The plan that is just a comfy routine that like a warm bed on a snowy winter’s morning, is just too hard to get out of.

After Manchester United demolished Arsenal the Eldon never quite got as full as it usually does on a cramped Tuesday night.  Rob skipped the Eldon and went straight to the Fav for Carnavale…but I suppose that one person can not be the reason haha.  I think there are just a lot more people getting in to exam mode.  I am lucky.  With all my assignments done and only one exam, I can enjoy myself and still fit in my study (Once i decide to start it…which should be tomorrow).

After a few stops to Mahmoods (Burgers I am regetting this morning), we ended up off to Tiger Tiger.  The Fav, where Rob was, was another option…but the group that had formed generally prefered Tiger Tiger. So off we went….again 😛  Tiger Tiger was its normal self  – cheap drinks, pretty good music, rather crowded and few drunk older people in suits who had come straight from work who really didn’t fit in.

In the end my night consisted of plenty of dancing (with friends old and new), probably too many sugar based drinks, quite a few laughs and even a near fight.  Now I am hardly an aggressive man…the fact I am THIS size and not stupid prevents me from being such.  However, somehow me and my friends ended up in a debate about AFL with an Englishman.  I think he was just proud to know what AFL was and a few players, but when we disagreed with him that Chris Judd is not the best AFL player at the moment…he got rather agitated.  Some quick talking appeared to calm him down, but it did surprise me that if I was going to be punched in an English club it would be after an AFL debate.  Like nobody seemed to care when I was chanting  “5-0, 5-0, 5-0” at them 😛 haha

Anyway, I need to go hand in my last assignment.  It sucks as it basically means I need to walk in and out of uni to just put paper in a box, but at least I can get that satisfied “DONE” feeling!


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