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Where are you and I’m so sorry I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always

Today I had two minor achievements.  I finally completed my final assignment and now it is just over there *points* waiting to be handed in tomorrow.  I also completed my last food shopping trip to Morrison’s.  I think I should have enough food to last me the less the 20 days I have left and the idea of never returning there seems odd.  It seems like just yesterday I was wondering around those aisles for the first time.  As I delighted at the cheap raspberries and grapes and searched, without victory, for a packet of butterscotch Angel Delight I realised that there are so many little things that I will miss about living in England.  These are things that I would’ve posted about not that long ago making a point of how crazy the little English people are….

  1. People understand me when I refer to my “Morries Run”
  2. A Gregg’s Bakery, Starbucks, Carphone Warehouse and a pub on every corner…
  3. Maoam Stripes – the worlds best sweets
  4. Muller’s yoghurt (pronounce yog-hurt)
  5. Uncle Bens Microwaveable Rice – my staple
  6. Haagendasz and Ben and Jerry’s in every store freezer (hmm this list is starting to prove my love of food!)
  7. The fact there is no need to decide what kind of fast food place to go to.  Every fast food place has EVERYTHING on the menu…and then EVERYTHING with beans
  8. Football being on during the day/early night and thus not screwing with my sleep to watch it!
  9. 4od Catch Up and BBC iplayer making remembering to watch TV shows legally redundant
  10. The ability to make chav jokes and people know what you mean.
  11. How you can go 40 minutes on a train and arrive in a different major city
  12. Mezz, Tiger Tiger, The Faversham, Mission, The Eldon, etc so I have a place to go out to every night of the week
  13. ….and the ability to walk home in 15 minutes 😀
  14. Beers come in 440ml cans and soft drinks come in 330ml cans…the way it should be!
  15. My friends don’t giggle at me when I slip in to describing someone as fit (not talking about fitness) or say well, proper or bless
  16. The fact whenever I am introduced by a mutual friend my second name sudden becomes “He-is-Australian”
  17. Closely followed by the fact I can generally freak out the Poms with stories of sharks, snakes, spiders, crocs and dropbears…

You get the point…I’ve become British-ified!


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  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! simey bring back fit!!!! please please please!!!!!!

    Comment by bethy | May 8, 2009 | Reply

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