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After only awaking from my best impression of Rip Van Winkle just an hour ago, I thought it was a good as time as any to update this.  I have had a hectic, spontaneous last couple of days.  Following on from my impromptu night out with Ally and on just 3 hours sleep (No wonder I needed a solid 12 hours just before) I have kicked the AFL footy with mates in Hyde Park and gone out…on a Sunday night…to a foam party…with a Baywatch an Old the North of England.  That is a phrase I never thought I’d say haha

First, with the footy, it was great fun to not only get out of the house but also do something somewhat athletic.  Okay basically kicking a footy around the park MAY not be classed as athletic by some, or many, but for me it is as close I get. Surprisingly after it being AGES since I last touched a footy, my skills weren’t as horrific  as I feared they may be.  Now this might be more about the fact that when you start off un-skilled, it is very hard to lose something you never had.  However, regardless we still managed to impress, or at the very least confuse, the random English men and women who walked past 4 aussies weirdly kicking a weirdly shaped ball and attempting weird “throws” with it.  My love of footy is as strong as ever and it was a great way to spend an afternoon.  I just wish I was better haha

So how did I end up at  a Baywatch foam party in an old church on a sunday night?  Well it turns out the first monday in May is a Bank Holiday for the Poms. A Bank Holiday is what we back home would call a public holiday, but for some reason banks have extra importance in the naming of things.  This, and the fact that it makes the first Sunday in May a good night to go out were somewhat late  realisations for us australians, but after a quick text exchange it wasn’t long until we were having pre-drinks at Josh’s preparing for a night out (I have now finished the last of Justin’s Czech spirits as a result!).  Now Josh and Brent manned up and wore boardies…while I wasn’t in the mood for hypothermia so went sans-jumper but still in jeans.  I was going to get wet/foamy maybe this classifies as washing them? haha

It was  a good night.  The dancefloor was extra crowded as I don’t think Halo was neccessarily suited to a foam party as it has a few smaller dance floors and only one of them had the foam machine…so it was packed.  Tiger Tiger had a much better layout for that foam party oh so many weeks ago.  The music was good, the company good and the drinks cheap so what more could you as for?  Well probably having had more than 3 hours sleep the night before.  As the effects of my caffiene wore off around 1am and my body began to fall asleep where I stood I realised I would be having an early night and off I trudged back home. Cold, wet and exhausted….


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