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If you want my future, forget my past… If you wanna get with me, better make it fast…

I’m wet.  Like soaked to the bone wet 😦 I am wet and it is 5:15am.  I am wet, a little intoxicated and it is 5:15am.I am wet, a little intoxicated, it is 5:15am and I was planning on going to bed before midnight.  What happened you may ask?  Well I am asking the same question, so lets see.

I spent my day watching TV, procrastinating and finishing off my second cybercrime essay (it is done now by the way ;)).  It got to 11:45pm and my phone rang.  Who rings at 11:45pm?  Well the answer is easy….Ally rings at 11:45pm.  It turns out I had agreed to go out on Saturday night during the week (another reason not to MSN converse with people late at night, you forget what you have agreed to).  He was reminding me that we were going out and although he was running late I must join him ASAP.  So I quickly put on my best clothes…which unfortunately aren’t the ‘best’ clothes, but I have to put up with them until I return home, and rushed to meet him at the Station.  Good ol’ Ally was late, as usual, so even though I had 15mins notice of us meeting up, I still had to wait to be graced with his presence.
We headed off to lower Brigate as Ally explained to me the plan for the night and what he had been up to.  When we arrived we were lucky enough, or more I was lucky enough, that Ally’s good friend Sean was manning the door so we got free entry and jumped the line.  I did experience Leeds’ crack down on drugs first hand though as my obviously suspicious self was the subject of a rather vigorous frisking as we entered.  The bouncer even grabbed my wallet and scrolled through it.  I thought about informing him about the breach of privacy and the laws he was breaking by doing so without express permission but I thought better of it.  I couldn’t be bothered having that debate.  I didn’t want to end my night before it had begun and I thought well I am not even wearing a suit so I can’t really play the lawyer role to full effect.

Inside there was good music for the most part (and lame music that lead to us sitting down or chatting for a fair section of the night), cheap VK’s (although not as cheap as Oceania on a Thursday) and many people to meet.  I only knew Ally, and although I was informed I would be the “best buddy” for the night it was clear that he was the popular one of the group, everyone knew him and I would need to make sure to make friends or I could be left alone at parts of the night.  This could’ve been a challenge 16 year old Simon would scream at the thought of but tonight I was up to the challenge.  After a few awkward moments and lots of dancing I ended up chatting to Dan, Sean and Nick quite easily.  When Ally was off elsewhere, I was fairly comfortable and my impromptu night was a blast.

Most of the night need not be depicted in full, but the clean floor to ceiling mirrors posed a few problems, my glasses (as always) were a hit with everybody checking out what they would look like as ‘intellectuals’ and my shaved head being rubbed more often than Buddha’s belly.  Add in the fact it began pouring with rain as SOON as I started my walk home and my night out that was suddenly thrust upon me by Ally was BRILL.  Even if a little wet and cold at times 😛



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