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If I could be your superman, I’d fly you to the stars and back again.

Movies have been my friend overseas. Whether I am paying my 5 pounds, eating my Ben and Jerry’s Sundae and seeing them in the Cinemas or just relaxing in my dorm room watching them on my laptop.  Either way I have watched a lot of good, and some not so good films, since I arrived in Leeds. When you add in the amount of TV I watch to fill in the hours it gets even crazier. It does lead me to question how people in dorms survived before internet and laptops….

Now I don’t spend much time in my room.  It is a tiny little cell and is quite uninviting.  If I can organise to be elsewhere I do, but at least I have something to do when I am here.  I am even able to watch the footy (Half time at the moment and Brisbane are winning against the Bombers :D).  So what could I do in a pre-computer age to keep me interested here?  I suppose I could read…but can anyone who has to read a fair amount for uni or work spend 5 hours a day reading?  Imagine the books you would go through, if you didn’t get bored of the written word eventually.  You could listen to music I suppose as well, but I do that anyway.  I constantly have music going in the background and the thought of JUST listening to music for 5 hours a day would seem to be quite unstimulating.  So what could they have done? :S

I can’t be certain, but I think I have discovered the reason for the flower power generation and the age of experimentation in the 70s 😉 haha

While I am on the topic of movies I came across this awesome theory the other day and have to share it.  It combines two of my favourite movies of all time…Ferris Bueller’s Fight Club.  Basically it is a theory where the story all happens inside Cameron’s head and Ferris is his Tyler Durden.  You can read more about it here.  It is a crazily fitting theory though and I think the smart person who developed it has just added to my enjoyment of both films.
Anyway, the second half of the footy is about to start and I have to finish up my Cybercrime essay after that so I am off…


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