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It’s just your doubt that binds you. Just drop those thoughts behind you, now. Change your mind. Let go too soon.

For many years I was the quiet kid in the corner.  Yes this may be a surprise to anyone who sees this loud sarcastic yob in 2009, or even those who saw me as a child in non-public situations, but it is true.  I would never be the first person to start up a conversation with the person next too me.  I would shuffle my feet and look awkwardly at the floor.  However, since I was about 16 I have gained a level of confidence in my self.  I stopped caring what people would think about me and started just taking the gamble of acting like myself.   In reality it has been more of a gradual process…but you get the point.

Today was my presentation for Comparative European Legal Systems and although I have no idea what my grade was.   I do know one thing for certain and that is that I presented it well. (For those who care my speech was a case study comparison between the role and reasoning of judiciary in France and Australia in Minority Issues. Yeah…interesting stuff :P)  I can only remember the torment that public speaking used to give me as  12 year old and wonder at how far I have gone.  I look back to my “Robert Mugabe” speech in year 10 that I rushed through as I let my desire to have it over take hold and wonder at how far I have gone. I was a little nervous, as one should be, but my confidence was there.  Its truly amazing what a little confidence will do.

Probably the most important thing is that this confidence is vital to most of the things I find myself doing.  Whether it is the FPSP coaching or training I do for work, how I relate to colleagues (new or old) in a work environment,  whether it is my ability to control a bunch of under 11s cricketers as much as someone can or whether it is just the ability to stand in an elevator or in a line and start up a conversation with the person next to you.  It even has been the main reason I have been able to have such a brill time over here…I am not afraid to talk to the random in the pub or the person in my class.

I was talking to a good friend the other day about just this very topic.  How much confidence we have been able to develop since we were teenagers.  Neither of us knew each other at those early stages, so it kind of took us aback to imagine this person we knew so well as those introverted individuals we once were. However, it is definitely an asset that at least I know I am glad to have.  It will come in handy daily for the rest of my life.  As long as you don’t let confidence get out of control so that you become self-centred, it is a wonderful asset.


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