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I’ve paid my dues. Time after time. I’ve done my sentence, But committed no crime…

Yesterday marked an achievement for me.  Yesterday I had my last lecture as a student at University of Leeds.  It was the last lecture for Crime Prevention and Community Safety and besides wrapping up the coursework he also gave me some MUCH needed insight in to what awaits me come the May 22nd Exam.  I now know the structure of the exam as well as some handy hints about the general themes of the course which I am sure will be beneficial! I also spent a fair bit of yesterday, as well as today, practising my presentation…I am determined not to suck 😛 haha  To break up the monotony of University work we did go to the pub, our beloved Eldon, to watch the Champions League game last night and will do the same tonight.

It is really strange how close the finish line is.  Although there are many important things still to come, such as my presentation, the exam, two assignments and most importantly we have planned a celebratory action packed week to end our time in Leeds in style.  I won’t be doing the full week as I have my exam to study for…but I’ll be making sure to get my fair share of fun in 😉

I’ve also started watching a new movie series over the last day or two. Spurred on by the reccomendation of  Brent and Josh and with the help of youtube I have started re-watching the Mighty Ducks.  Just like how I have been re-watching Narnia with Ben over my time in Leeds, it is awesome fun to re-live your childhood.  Especially as these movies as SO clearly significantly better than kids films of today.  Okay, the fashion and effects date significantly and there are some extremely heavy moments of cheese (D2 in particularly is amazing how they make a “local pee-wee hockey team” become THE American team and within all this jingoistic pride, you are led to believe that people CARE about the Junior goodwill games :P)..but they are truly great films.

Anyway I am off to practice my presentation again…or play Ice-Hockey 😉 haha

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  1. i believe the term is ‘suspend disbelief’ hahahaha.. those films are awesome (new kids films.. a bit crap)

    Comment by elladanes | April 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. I said to Joey the other day that new kids films are crap but he quickly, and accurately, corrected me that the proper sentence is “New kids film are crap, except for Pixar” haha

    Comment by casaboy69 | April 30, 2009 | Reply

  3. HAHAHA this is completely irrelevant but my sister went through a mighty ducks stage and it was so bad my mum hid the tapes; whats worse is i still don’t know where they are!! Btw thanks for the heads up regarding your travel plans; I PROMISE I’ll stop asking blonde questions every time we speak. Actually i take that back; i can’t help that sort of thing haha.

    *Punch*!!(that was affection)


    Comment by Christ | May 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. I knew Cass and I would always get along haha

    Comment by casaboy69 | May 1, 2009 | Reply

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