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Far! We’ve been travelling far. Without a home, But not without a star…

So there is not much to report.  Last night we went out to dinner and then drinks in a bar and eventually ended up at Puro for 80s night.  There were strong political discussions, there were less intellectual discussions and there was basically just a fun night.  Today I have slept in (for the first time in a while) until I was woken up by a pneumatic drill 😦 , read over a draft future scene for work (which took longer than it would usually do for me to analyse as it has been a while since I had to use any of that part of my brain) and practiced my Comparative European Legal Systems presentation for Thursday.  My presentation should be okay, although I am a little worried that I have to pronounce some french…which I can’t do, but at least I get to discuss Mabo which should be a lot easier.
I also find myself in the position of having booked all my travel from May 23rd when I leave Leeds for the last time until June 24th.  So to fill in those I haven’t told, and also to hopefully make a few people jealous haha, here is the Itinerary for the first month of my travels.

May 23 – Leave Leeds at 5:00, Bus to London, Drop laptop and unwanted stuff with family in London, 7pm catch an Ezyjet flight to Copenhagen.

May 23 to May 26 – Copenhagen!

May 27 – Fly SAS early in the Morning to Brussels, 1 hour train to Bruges.

May 28 – Bruges

May 29 – Take a 7:30pm flight from Brussels back to London on British Airways and crash the night with Joey in London

May 30 – Fly to Washington with Joey on American Airlines with a stop over in New York

May 31 – June 1  – Washington (Yay for my political nerd side 😉 )

June 2 – Train to New York arriving at about 11am

June 3 – June 6 – New York!

June 7 – Morning train to Boston

June 8 – Boston

June 9 –  Late night train to Niagara Falls with a stop over in New York.

June 10 – Arrive Niagara Falls at about 4pm

June 11 – Leave Niagara Falls at 6pm on a short train trip to Toronto

June 12 – Toronto

June 13 – Fly back to London from Toronto, again via JFK, on American Airlines.  Leaving at 8pm

June 14-  Get in to London 11am, say goodbye to Joey and fly British Airways to Prague at 3pm

June 15 – June 24 – Prague, staying with Justin

Phew…thats it.  Sounds like a hectic, yet awesome month to me.  I’m just personally proud that I have been able to organise such a month.  Whether it is well organised we will see, but its an achievement in organisation nonetheless I feel.

Now I just have the task of booking trains, planes and accommodation for Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Cardiff, Paris and finally back to London for Lords!


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  1. Mmmm…! I’m utterly jealous!


    Comment by Niranjan | April 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. ur dad bet me to it …. i’m jealous too!!!!!!!! and so excited for u

    Comment by Siobhan | April 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. read bet as beat … opps

    Comment by Siobhan | April 28, 2009 | Reply

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