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To start off I have some good news.  MY INTERNET IS BACK! 😀 What a horrible 24 hours it was without it at home, but I think I survived….just haha.

As a result of yesterday I spent most of my day in the Library, which was packed as many other students were in the same boat as me, doing my essay and procrastinating my essay.  Well thankfully I ended yesterday with only 800 words to go.  800 words that I have now finished up today so barring cleaning up these essays and my oral presentation on Thursday afternoon, I am done with the non-exam assessment 🙂  So now I can get back to the fun side of Leeds.  The going out.  The hanging with friends.  The planning of my travelling adventures.  I hate the underlying stress that you get from having work “to do.”

As my internet was lovingly restored to me this yesterday afternoon, I was able to wake up this morning bright and early and be depressed my watching the footy.  Brisbane losing to Geelong by 93 points isn’t surprising, but hell it isn’t fun either.  What is even worse is that I have somehow managed to be as depressed by the result if I was in Australia.  It seems that distance can not dull the impact of a sporting loss.  I noticed the same thing when I was in China in Year 11 when Brisbane lost to Port Adelaide in the Grand Final.  It seems that passion for your team always burns strong.

Also, I think I have discovered the greatest radio show line up of all time. On Talksport radio over here, there was a show with Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher.  Yes its an unlikely line up.  Especially as it is a football talk show, but its great!  Surprisingly they are able to do it without swearing (Yes an Oasis brother can go three hours without swearing :o) but both are great personalities and much like the kind of guys you would like to chat to about football with in a pub.  Now I just need to find out how to podcast it when I am back in Australia if it continues. It is too good to miss…


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  1. Oh man, a talk show of any kind with Noel? Brilliant!!

    Comment by Steve | April 27, 2009 | Reply

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