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When we laugh indoors, the blissful tones bounce off the walls and fall to the ground.

Last night we mixed it up a bit.  After initially planning to see a movie we ended up going to The Library (of the pub variety) for their comedy night.  6 pounds entrance, 1.25 pints and a few laughs.  A pretty good way to spend a few hours.  The night was set up with a compere and two main acts.  Personally I thought the compere guy was the best, able to get the audience laughing as well as probably being best suited to the audience of all university students.  The first act, although really funny at times, had a few bits that just died and the second act although very good at his job seemed to have had material that would have killed if the audience were all in their mid 30s…but we an audience who, at our oldest, wouldn’t have been much more than 22.  Was well worth the price of admission though!

I also had my second last Seminar for Crime Prevention and Community Safety today.  It was about ASBOs, something that isn’t really important for this discussion, but it is funny how in a class of predominately  “criminology students” with a few of us law folk dotted around the room you can so clearly tell the difference between the two.  Firstly, the crim students tend to be more inclined to left wing (some being left enough to make me look right wing haha) and thus were quite opposed to ASBOs which can be seen to restrict civil liberties.  Also though there seemed to be a clear difference in the debate we were made to have about “Whether ASBOs are good?”  Criminology students in the room were arguing against them in a passionate, emotive but not fully coherent way while law students who were either for, against or indifferent were able to argue paassionately, emotively and coherently with facts and figures skewed adequately to their arguments.  By the end I could only chuckle as our minority of future lawyers had been able to convince the room (except the teacher of course) that ASBO were great and neccessary, when really we all had differing opinions on whether they actually were good.  THAT is why I want to be a lawyer, or is that have to be , the ability to argue a case effectively is just too rewarding haha

Things have also been developing well for my travel plans.  I have booked al my flights and most of my accommodation for Copenhagen and Bruges (my first two stops in Europe before I head to America) and together with Joey by the end of today we will have booked all flights, trains and accommodation for North America except Washington and Boston.  We are still trying to find a good place in those two places. However, the one thing that all this progress has done is lead to me being able to formulate a budget of sorts for my 8 weeks away….and its a scary thought.  I will definitely be in debt when I get back and will have to find a “proper job” to work a couple of days a week to ensure I don’t have to sell myself for scientific research haha.  However, I am lucky enough to have plenty of ‘family banks’ willing to short term lend me the money and I just have to do it all.  I am not doing my travels expensively, I am doing them on a budget so the money I am spending just ‘has to’ be spent for me to have the wonderful time I will have.

It would be awesome if things were cheaper than they are though haha

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