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They tried to make me go to rehab but I said ‘no, no, no’

Okay, sometimes my posts can tend to be slightly rant-ish. Well today is definitely going to be one of those days. At about 3:10pm yesterday, the internet at my accommodation cut out. Bugger I thought, can’t be too bad though. After checking out all the connections/my laptop and rebooting it all a few times I realised the connection fault was not at my end. Eventually I went and asked the site office and yep, the entire University of Leeds server was done and as a result we had no internet.

It was at this point I realised 1) how tiny and REALLY boring my dorm room is and 2) how much I am addicted to the internet. I have adjusted too much to being able to just check facebook, cricket scores, chat to friends, etc, etc whenever I feel like it. As soon as that was cut off I had no idea what to do. Eventually I just went out with Josh and Brent for dinner, beers before we caught up with some other people and went out finally ending up at Halo. I had to do something as there was NOTHING to do at home.

Unfortunately though when I got home early this morning and when I woke up later this morning, the problem still wasn’t fixed. Luckily there is still internet available at the University Library Clusters although the fact that I have a powerpoint assignment to submit on Monday morning and if the server is down, the University portal is down and thus I can’t submit it has me a little worried. Also, on the serious side of the effects of no internet it means that I have to come in to uni to do my cybercrime essay…which is just a bother. However, at least I have access to internet here so that I can at least DO my assignment. Its good because I want it down ASAP even though it isn’t due for about 10 days, but also as I have nothing else to do…it gives me something to do.

So thats my rant. It may seem less rant-ish as I have seriously edited out the swearing and abusive messages towards the university IT staff from the first draft but still, I am REALLY annoyed!


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