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Not much to report.  I had another of those boring, yet productive days.  After forcing myself out of bed to go hand in my first cybercrime assignment I got straight in to typing away at my second cybercrime paper.  Well sort of straight away.  My procrastination skills are amazing.  I had all the good intentions of working solidly from 10am…but come 1pm and I had only really just started.  Oh well, in the end I did manage to get 1000 words and 27 footnotes on paper.  I am a little concerned that I only have 1500 left to write when this paper needs to be 3000 in total.  However, I am sure I will be able to come up with something.

As I procrastinated this morning though, in between skype and facebook, I did realise something quite scary about how I live when “by myself”.  I had decided to take the easy option and get a “kitchen pack” when I arrived in Leeds.  One box, 30 pounds and all the kitchen essentials one would need.  Now as storage in my room is low I still use the box to store my cuttlery, plates, bowls, pots and pans. Well I have realised that I have hardly used any of these items.

Okay both of the glasses have been used  – but that was only because I was too lazy to wash one and decided having two would be easier.  However, they haven’t been used in months as they are so thin they are impossible to clean without a brush and I can’t be bothered buying one.  So I have settled with my one mug.  On the bowls I have eaten I think 5 times out of the two of them combined.  Again I only opened the second one to avoid washing. One of the plates has been used once to reheat a sausage roll.  The frying pan was used once.  The Saucepan is regularly used for pasta…and it more than occasionally acts as my pasta bowl.  Finally I have used my two teaspoons multiple times a day, one fork I use for pasta and the knife I used once to open the can opener.  The rest of the box remains untouched.  I even realised that there were candies in the bottom of the box as a welcome gift that I never noticed.

So in short, my realisation was am I SO male that I could quite comfortably live with pretty much just a mug, a teaspoon, a fork and a saucepan for 6 months?  I think the answers a yes as long as I only drank twist top/canned beers 😛 haha


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  1. oh my what a man! and seriously, is it wrong it appalled me that you may not actually take the pasta OUT of the saucepan in order to eat it? even cooking for MYSELF makes a reasonable amount of washing up……. my ‘man’ side is impressed, my ‘woman’ side… a little scared hahahah

    Comment by elladanes | April 30, 2009 | Reply

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