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So I’m moving to New York cos I’ve got issues with my sleep, Looks like Christmas came early, Christmas came early for me.

So a wise woman once told me “you can never have enough toilet paper” and I think I may have laughed.  Now this wasn’t the kind of wise woman you row down the amazon and hike through rainforrest to find – more the kind you go through the gate in the fence to find, so maybe that is why I was doubtful of the words of wisdom. However, especially since toilet paper has taken to additional role of napkins and tissues for my lazy ass-self in Leeds, I hearby retract any previous laughter.  As I found myself hiking to the all night supermarket at 3am last night after a night out…I couldn’t help but think “you can never have enough toilet paper!”

Toilet paper aside it has been a hectic 24 hours for me.  Firstly I went out last night with what seemed to be all of Leeds, or at least every international student.  It was a big night as it was our first night out since we were all back in Leeds.  Rob – now with fire engine red hair that made him easy to spot in the crowd, Johnno, Brent, Josh, Charles, Rhys, Claire, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc were all there. Although the habit of Eldon then Tiger Tiger did kick in again unfortunately so we were once again a brilliantly fun, yet predictable group.  I should also note that the 4-4 draw between Arsenal and Liverpool last night was almost the best game of football I have ever seen.  Truly amazing and Arshavin…you are a star son!

After recovering this morning, thinking that “I’m too old for this shit” to quote Lethal Weapon and contemplating copying How I Met Your Mother and writing my own Murtagh list, I met up with Joey.  It was a big day…as today we booked our tickets to America 😀 After smoothies and highly un-neccessary trip to STA Travel (450 quid for flights…umm yeah we can do A LOT better on our own thanks) we went back to my dorm and booked our flights for 360 pound each.  Well I booked the flights and Joey made incredible ground on my Rubik’s cube – impressive work.

We fly in to Washington at 3pm on the 30th of May on American Airlines flight 115.  We fly out of Toronto and back to London on American Airlines flight 116.  Stopping over in New York both times, which is interesting as we actually will be spendind the 2nd through 7th in New York before heading to Boston, Niagra Falls and Toronto.   It seems a little bit like we are flying the long way around, but trust me…its a well planned trip 🙂  Direct flights would’ve been nice but not 100 pounds nicer.
Joey and I then went to Borders as we sat, drank coffee and made “to do lists” for each city from the travel books.  I even couldnt help myself and bought the book on New York.  It was 6 pounds…thats just too cheap!!!  I won’t go through our plans, you’ll be able to see it as I do it but it sounds like a brilliant trip and I can’t wait to go.  Actually I just can’t wait to start travelling, I can’t wait to get home and I am not ready to leave Leeds yet at all, its sad that those three feelings are all contradictory with each other :/


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  1. Fascinating how both you and Mallory have had a similar incident re toilet paper at the same time(and you both thought of me. LOL.) She informed me the other day how frustrated she was when having bought a “24” pack of toilet paper she was all of a sudden left with nothing because her flat mates, who are too busy partying, had bit by bit taken all of hers and not let her know nor had they replaced it. She now knows what its like to actually have no toilet paper. She had NEVER experienced that at home and so, as she now understands what its like she will never complain or make fun again. I still stand by my comment and I don’t care what anyone says, “you can never have enough toilet paper”. Just run out once and you will know what I mean..hahaha

    Comment by Gracy | April 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. My second comment really needed to be separated from the TP issue. heehee
    I am at work at the moment but when I get home and back on to facebook I will give you Kerry’s facebook address and Tina’s phone number (she is not on facebook). They both live in Boston and I’m sure they would love to catch up with you. Kerry always asks after you and your mum. If I forget, remind me. Talk soon.

    Comment by Gracy | April 24, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hey Simon, Have been speaking to Mallory and informed her of the TP issues,. She laughed out loud. She also corrected me on one point and I felt you needed to know. She did not actually fully run out of TP as she had also adopted another of my idiosyncrasies and that is to have an emergency stash. I will have to explain that one to you in detail when we speak next. Needless to say, as frustrated as she was with them stealing her TP, she didn’t need to do the 3AM run to the local.

    Comment by Gracy | April 24, 2009 | Reply

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