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If there is anyone who is in the sun, Will you help me to understand ’cause I’ve been caught in between all I wish for and all I need…

Another great sunny day in Leeds, where not only was the sun out but it almost hit 20 degrees :O  I was even walking around the streets seeing almost everyone “jumperless” and even a few guys with their shirts off.  I wouldn’t go that far, but it is great to have weather that leaves you with a smile instead of making you feel suicidal haha

With such great weather it would have been brilliant to sit in the sun, relax, drink a few beers and maybe kick a footy.  So what happens now that we have such great weather?  Back to class fellas.  University started for me once again, even though I must admit that I only have about 8 hours of lectures/seminars over the next three weeks…so it is not that bad 😛  To make it even better I submitted two of my six assignments.  Another one has also been submitted online but I ran out of printer ink…so I will have to buy some more tomorrow before I submit my first cybercrime essay in hardcopy form.  To make it even worse though I spent a good three hours stuck inside writing more of my gender and the law assignment, its coming along nicely though 🙂

As I made my way on to the University campus though I encountered an interesting experience though.  Religious societies have been having numerous information meetings, ‘weeks’, charity drives, etc since I arrived in January.  From rough memory we have had the Christian, Muslim,  Buddhist and Jewish societies at the very least running events but odds are that I have missed some as well. So who had the tent up today?  Well it was the athiests turn. The whole idea of an athiest society running events does interest me a little.

When I first arrived in London it was right in the middle of the athiest campaign on London buses where “There is probably no god” was put up on a relatively small minority of the iconic red London buses.  I even noticed a few of the reactionary pro-religion posters that started popping up as well. When I was in Ireland of course religion was an interesting topic of debate and there were generally posters for the local church up at the train station.  Also, as you may have noticed, I have visited a fair few churches and cathedrals so far in my travels so religion just keeps popping up.

Now, for the record I have never been a regular church person.  I think I have legitimately been to a church service a maximum of 5 times if you exclude school chapel services and one of those was my baptism.  I did though do all the RE that was available in both primary and secondary school, own a few copies of the bible,  read/watched children versions of the bible stories as a kid and have tried to learn as much as I could about all the respective religions in my more ‘adult’ years. I am however unable to classify myself as Athiest, Agnostic or any other term just because none of them fit well with me.  If anything I could probably be considered “scientific”.

I have a rather complex view of religion, too much for me to put here, but one thing I have never really liked was the “converting” idea that is at the heart of a lot of religions.  Personally, I think faith is a personal thing and you can believe what ever you want to be (even if I wholeheartedly disagree) as long as it does not affect me.  I will keep my nose out of your business if you keep your’s out of mine.  For example, I could care less about Tony Abbott’s religious beliefs but as soon as he started imposing his religious beliefs on the Australian public with his initial rejection of RU486 thats when I got annoyed.  I also don’t like the whole doorknocking thing.

So the whole idea of athiest activism is a weird concept for me.  I don’t want people coming up to me with a religious pamphlet telling me what to believe regardless of what is in the pamphlet.  A lot of the university religious society’s appear to be focused on giving out information to the general population of the campus and that is great.  The more knowledge the better as at least then you can make an informed choice.  However, there is a difference between discussion/debate/information and recruitment  and a few of the tactics I saw at campus today definitely fell in the latter category.  Part of me wonders if one day, South Park will be scarily accurate, and we will end up with conflicting groups of Athiests at the heart of most moral arguments instead of conflicting groups of religions.

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