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The sun is in the sky and it is gonna be a glorious day, huh? So pour yourself a coffee, put your clothes back on and tell me your name…

So yesterday was a day with two completely different sides.  My daytime was boring.  I spent most of the day toiling away on my gender and the law assignment so that I now sit just over half way through! Yay, but definitely not fun.  What was more fun was what happened after the essay writing had finished.  After struggling to shave my head when there is a bump/bruise/cut on the top of my head from where I bumped it, I headed out to Bingley (whereever that is) for a bbq.

The BBQ was pointless, but aren’t all the fun things in life.  Present at said shindig were Ben (Narnia Ben for those paying attention), Gary (Ben’s twin bro), Karl, Ben Ben (You have to distinguish the Bens somehow!), Leigh (Ben’s older bro) Louise (Leigh’s wife) and of course yours truly.  It was just a good night with good people. We ate, drank, watched Britain’s Got Talent which is an incredibly addictive show and  just listened to music.  I couldn’t help comparing it to the nights I have back home with mate where I don’t quite know what we did, we just  “hung out” but its just great.

On the drinking side of things, I have to thank Justin.  The bottle of Becherovka (A spicy czech spirit) he gave me was wonderful.  Either straight or mixed with coke it was so smooth and the spices were lovely.  Everyone else agreed, except Leigh but he was drinking Carling so what would he know 😛 haha

After the BBQ eventually died down I headed back to Ben’s place in Crossflats as although I have no idea where Bingley or Crossflats are, I know they are a long way from Leeds at at 2am I had no way of getting home.  Neither of us being tired we ended up watching the end of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I must say, it is definitely the weakest of all the Narnia miniseries I think.  The story lacks the excitement the others have and the fact that Eustace is a shocking actor doesn’t help things much. Especially after watching just the first episode of The Silver Chair this morning proved that it is a much more fun to watch….it is still scary how much of the lines I still know by heart though LOL

Anyway my lack of sleep is getting to me and I think I shall go and grab some grub to wake me up before watching the soccer!  Thats one thing I’ll miss from England I think, one of many of course, but the fact soccer is on at a reasonable time 😛

Edit – Oh an one thing I forgot to mention is how awesome the weather has been.  There is a reason we were BBQing and even the English aren’t dumb enough to BBQ in crap weather.  As I got home today, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!


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  1. Mixed with Coke??!!! Mixed with Coke????!!!!!! Dear god….. never, ever, ever mention that you did that when you cross these borders.

    The Czechs don’t even understand the concept of mixing whiskey and coke – let alone their precious Becherovka…..

    Trust the Poms to turn something that is perfect and awesome, into something just a little bit weaker! 😉

    Go CZECH! 🙂

    PS. You’re welcome!

    Comment by Juzzy | April 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. At least you can be proud that I was drinking it straight until I was served the contaminated stuff 😉 It was still pretty good though and ‘weak’ enough for the English haha

    Comment by casaboy69 | April 21, 2009 | Reply

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