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So today was another day like yesterday.  I got up earlyish, finished off another assignment so it is now ready to hand in (Cybercrime #1 this time) and I went out to dinner with the guys just to get out of the house. There were a few differences though.  Firstly I went into university so that I could borrow a couple books.  I plan on diving in to my Gender and the Law assignment tomorrow so had to have my resources.  I also did the mother of all shopping trips.  As I have been scrapping the bottom of the barrel with regards to my food supply since I came back I am now fully stocked with enough food for an army…or at the very least a 21 year old university student.  My staples of pasta, rise, yogurt and rice crackers all being back once again.  Throw in a little extra planning of my travels and my day is done…not the most exciting day but an somewhat productive one.

One thing that has got me thinking recently though is that for some reason I am having incredibly lucid dreams.  I am not a big dreamer in the literal sense usually.  Once or twice a month I will wake up and be able to recall my dream from the night before, before forgetting it completely and like all dreams they are usually quite wacky.  However, since about the time I left Dublin I have been able to recall having a dream most nights and still remember the happenings of said dream for most of the day.  It is really quite strange.  Maybe it is a side effect of all the Guinness haha

Now I won’t go in to the details of any of the recent dreams because I am afraid someone could use them to psychoanalyse me in depth haha but they are the normal wacky dreams.  They make sense and that time but now that I am able to recall them, in hindsight there are some crazy jumps!  They seem to be largely affected  by what I was doing just before I went to bed…the website I was on, the movie I was watching or the conversation I was having.  I think thats a common thing with all people’s dreams supposedly.

One thing they aren’t though is recurring.  I haven’t had the same dream twice.  This does kind of surprise me as for most of my life whenever I remember having a dream it was one of two scenarios.  The first one was a recurring dream I had from abour 3 through 12 where the family went to visit random family friends who were faceless but had kids our age, we would eat Kraft cheese sticks (why I don’t know) and then us kids would run off up the road but I couldn’t keep up with the older kids. I was slowly falling behind as the road incline started to get steeper and steeper before it was vertical, I would fall scrapping myself against the asphalt and wake up.  That bastard terrorised me for YEARS!

My other stock standard dream wasn’t as specific in storyline but like every dream from 13 years onwards until these recent bout of extra lucid dreaming would always end with either one tooth chipping as I tried to talk, a few teeth chipping or all teeth just shattering…causing me to wake up.  But no, for the first time that I can remember I am dreaming a different dream every night and there are no broken teeth, no kraft cheese sticks and no repeats.

Weird :S


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