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Oh I’m still lost and running, I can’t get enough…

It is really weird.  I feel at home.  I am thousands of miles from the place I would call “home” if asked “where do I come from?”  but yet….I am comfortably at home.

I arrived in Leeds at 4pm yesterday and there were familar places everywhere I looked.  I got off my bus from London and took a cab to my dorm from the same place I have taken cabs many times before after nights out on the town.  I didn’t think I had missed Leeds, but it felt really good to be back here.

Even the day or so that I spent in Ham felt strangely “homely”.  I had only spent 2 weeks there earlier in the year, but I came from travelling Ireland on my own and there were friendly, familar faces, home cooked meals and the ability to do nothing greeting me when I arrived.  You can hardly call a stopover home, but it definitely felt very homely…

I have just come back from the pub with Brent and Josh after watching some soccer and a day spent streaming television shows and eating pop tarts.  The one thing that stands out strongly in my head though is that I am so glad to be in Leeds for six weeks.  I miss Australia and Melbourne as much as, if not more than, I did when I left…but I also missed Leeds.  I have made a life here that I enjoy a lot and I am so glad I get to continue living it for just a little longer.

On a somewhat related and unrelate note, I completed a facebook survey thing about the cities I have travelled to in my lifetime.  At the end, it produced a world map with pins representing all the destinations I have “ticked off”.  It was way too empty.  By the time I am old and bald….wait that probably should be just “by the time I am old” :P, I want to have more pins than land visible but it was just too sparse.  I will definitely knock off a number of other countries before I arrive “properly home” on July 18th, but I can’t help thinking that there are so many other parts of Europe I want to, but won’t see, in my travels this year.  So many other pins that need to be planted…and that isn’t even considering I haven’t poked into Africa or South America yet!


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