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A hundred days have made me older, Since the last time that I saw your pretty face, A thousand lies have made me colder…

Now this may get a little confusing.  I spent a total of 11 hours today “in transit” so I had a lot of time to think.  This can be consider the random ponderings of an Australian on numerous different forms of transport.

Firstly, I have successfully arrived in London.  I will stop here for a day or two to recuperate from my hectic two weeks of travel before heading back up to Leeds to deal with those assignments.   The train from Killarney was easy, if not a little boring.  Getting the bus to Dublin Airport was  even easier.  Catching the Air Lingus flight to London Heathrow was as easy, although it was a little surprising to have a fully automated check in process.  (For some reason I struggle to trust myself to put that loopy sticker thingy on my bags).  What surprised me as well was that getting from Heathrow to Ham and my bed for the night was the easiest of the lot.  I remembered how the Underground trains work and even remebered the number bus I needed to take from Richmond station. It was all too familar.

Oh and before I go on. Remeber those gripless shoes that I have been wearing all around on my travels. Well it turns out that either they heard me slag them off and gave in or that they don’t like being treated with a level of abuse that would make Guantamino Bay Inmates squirm, but either way…they are dead.  Well not 100% dead as I am still wearing them, but dead to the level that most normal people would’ve thrown them in the bin.  There is daylight between my foot and the soul.  I will soldier on until I get back to Leeds though. As I have a spare pair of shoes there.  These shoes have had it though!


A spent a fair few hours of today sitting in the bar at Dublin Airport just thinking and drinking Guinness.  To help pass the time I ended up scrolling through EVERY photo I have taken since I left Australia’s shores in early January.  WOW!  I really have come a long way and done a lot.  Firstly there is the fact that I am slightly less hairy nowadays…but what surprises me is that already the “haired” Simon is the one that doesn’t look like me.  One thing though that I started thinking about was that how everyone before I left seemed to be of the opinion that my time away will change me and I was so dead certain that it wouldn’t.  Well, at half time reflection, I still don’t think it will change me, or has changed me.  However, I stand firm in my belief that it will make me more secure and confident in exactly who I am. 


So who am I?  Well on the tube train from Heathrow I sat across from a young ‘me’.  He was about 4 at the oldest and was a little Lankan/Caucasian ‘mungrel’ like me who had gone with his parents to collect his grandfather from the airport.  He was a sneaky little bugger who always had a suspicious smirk on his face.  Really I saw a lot of myself in this kid.  It was an interesting counterpoint at the end of a day that I had thought a lot about who I actually am…

My final point in my ramblings is that amazes me how much I emotionally connect to specific music.  I can hear a certain song or a certain riff and immediately identify it with a person, event, time in my life, thought or emotion.  Some of the songs that ring the loudest for me are ones by 3 Doors Down, Silverchair, Sick Puppies, Muse, Oasis, Scott Cain and  Eminem.  For me just scrolling through my ipod, as I did today, generally ends in me reflecting on my past as so many of those songs are associated with my past in my head.  It kind of shocked me to realise this…


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  1. You can’t just casually slip Scott Cain in there, seriously Simon! 😀

    Comment by steve | April 12, 2009 | Reply

    • Haha yes I can. Some songs connect to meaningful memories…but some connect to the less meaningful. Like how could I hear Scott Cain without thinking of Chemistry, Ni, Laura and Christ 😛

      Comment by casaboy69 | April 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. Damm straight you can’t! Oh the memories *ponders* LOL

    Comment by Christ | April 12, 2009 | Reply

  3. ahhh simon, i think of you when i hear my humps, and i mean that in the least dirty way possible :p

    Comment by shanchops | April 12, 2009 | Reply

  4. was in car today… thought of you because..

    *let’s drop!*

    haha… yes funny how songs become associated with particular people lol

    Comment by elladanes | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  5. I cannot believe you referred to Ni, Laura and I as less meaningful memories. I’m seeing Laura soon so you might get an abusive email from her! ROFL kidding

    Comment by Christ | April 14, 2009 | Reply

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