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I spent my last night in Cork in an empty 4 bedroom hostel room…for the most part.  It was a weird experience going to bed in a room that is not supposed to be a single, but I accommodated well enough.  That is until at 5am two loud drunk Australians came barrelling through the door.  I was awoken but quickly got back to sleep knowing that familiar hostel feeling, that I am not alone. My morning was not much better than being woken up by loud drunk Australians as although I slept in until 9 am, I woke up with that familiar feeling of “catching a cold”.  It seems that Irish weather and non-stop touristing has taken its toll.  I went to the local pharmacy and you will be pleased to know that I am now drugged up and feeling fine.  Forget what they say kids…say yes to drugs (in some contexts) 😉 haha

My train ride from Cork to Killarney was as picturesque as I had predicted but it did seem to be a little bit more complicated than I thought it would be.  I had to change trains in Mallow…but it didn’t say this on my ticket (you are obviously supposed to know or at least know to ask the Information people).  It got a little bit more confusing when I arrived at Mallow and there were no information people, no electronic signs and just a dodgy voice over, with strong irish accent, telling you what the trains were through a scratchy speaker.  I eventually took a gamble on a train that I am pretty sure was said to be going to Killarney, and to my good luck it was.


Killarney is a town best compared to those of Keswick and the like in the Lake District.  Although it is slightly built up, it still retains very much a rural character (although slightly tainted by the edge of tourism).  It really seems that as I have travelled around Ireland starting in Belfast, to Dublin, to Cork and now to Killarney, I have gone from the most industrial to the most rural.  Although Dublin is bigger as a city than Belfast it is more cultural and less obviously industrial.  It is great that I have been able to see a breadth of what Ireland has to offer.

My hostel in Killarney is the Railway Hostel (obviously situated near the Railway station) but it appears to be the hostel with the most character that I have stayed in.  It is very “comfortable and liveable” without being broken or dirty.  The rooms are even named after different animals…I wonder if it is luck or planned that I am staying in the Kangaroo room!  I went for a walk around the town after dropping off my bags in the hostel, as I do, and it is a great place to just stroll around.  I will be doing a tour on Friday most likely to the Ring of Kerry and tomorrow I have booked to do a guided walk through the National Park, so I may not spend much time in the town.  But it is a sweet little place and you can see why it would be a good stop for those who are driving around Ireland to relax.  Restaurants, cafes and pubs are also in abundance!


Two interesting things about my walk were that there was a lovely little ice-creamy that was selling Guinness Ice Cream. I couldn’t resist and yes it tasted like Guinness and yes it was very yum.  May go back for some more tomorrow haha.  There was also a very deceptively signed “un-tourist centre”.  I hadn’t picked up a map so when I walked past a shop that had a big “i” in the window, had many signs called “Killarney Tourist Centre” I thought I had found the information centre.  Obviously I was wrong as after I went in I realised there was no pamphlets and when I asked a question the rude woman behind the desk said “We just do bus tours here…go to the tourist centre!”  I thought about debating with her about her signage, or even questioning my own sanity for a bit before I strolled on and eventually found a different shop front…with similar signage that ACTUALLY was the tourist information.   It was a really strange situation :S


Anyway I can hear the church bells ringing for 6pm so I think I will head in to town to grab a feed.  Probably subway as I think I have had enough of the heavy Irish food for the moment…or at least my stomach has 😛


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  1. they spelled kangaroo wrong!!! hehehe but cute

    Comment by elladanes | April 15, 2009 | Reply

    • I never noticed that! LOL

      Comment by casaboy69 | April 15, 2009 | Reply

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