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So my time in Dublin has come to an end.  Last night I went for one last trek around the city.  I had planned to do another walking tour – this one a little more of a humorous take on the city, but it didn’t run because there wasn’t enough people.  My first encounter with my touristing plans going astray.  However, that didn’t put me off.  I went for  a walk around the city’s shopping district, which I had largely avoided out of fear my growing desire to revamp my wardrobe of the same 3 jumpers, 8 t-shirts, etc will get too strong. I don’t care about how much debt I am in ….when I get home – we are going shopping and I will leave the stores looking like Isla Fisher (Probably  a reference I shouldn’t make.  For the record though, I haven’t seen the movie…just the billboards)

It was another interesting side to a city that is nothing like what I expected it to be (in a good way!).  It is a lot more multicultural, a lot more creative and with a more interesting history than I expected.  Whether that explains how I feel about it or why I liked it so much I don’t know.  For instance though, when I was discussing Belfast vs Dublin with my African roommate last night he was adamant he is in the Belfast camp and I was voting for Dublin.  I suppose this is another case of different cities offering different things to different people.  Dublin is just brill!  I would put it ahead of all the other cities I have visited bar Leeds or Edinburgh.

Interestingly talking about Belfast, there is a new movie coming out in the next week or so called “50 dead men walking.” When I was reading the paper it first caught my eye as Jim Sturgess is in it and I have liked most things he has done (Across the Universe and 21 I both liked), but anything more than a passing glance shows that it is a film, inspired by true events/people, set in Belfast int he 1980s.  After having my time in Belfast sparking an interest in the “troubles” (as they are called regularly here), it is a movie I must see I think!

So with Dublin ticked off the list, that means I have now moved on to Cork.  Now with Dublin ended up not matching my expectations at all, I went to Cork making sure I had thrown out all of my expectations I had built up.  However, after 3 hours riding the rails through picturesque Irish countryside (the kind you see on TV ;)) I arrived in Cork to find that it is the city I expected Dublin to be.  It isn’t the largest city- my walking around only took about 30 minutes and I covered most of the city.  There are no big high rises and there are a million little alleyways with houses squashed together.  It definitely has a charm about it.  Maybe I didn’t give Ireland enough 21st Century credit that Dublin would be as Dublin is now…


My hostel for my 3 days in Cork is the Bru Bar and Hostel and it is a pretty cool.  It is on one of the main pub/resteraunt streets (itself being a bar downstairs) and is run by four kiwis.  The cricket was even playing when I walked in (although they were happier in Australia’s dysmal performance than I was :P).  The room is tiny, but clean and as its small I am only sharing it with 3 others.  What are the odds I still get a snorer though? 😦

Anyway I am off to explore more, but one last thing is that my stupidly lucky brother has been making me incredibly jealous today.  See that MASSIVE crowd of people in Prague to see Obama speak….well he had a VIP ticket and got to witness it all first hand.  With him texting me updates throughout the day. Great for Justin , but I would’ve sold my left foot to be in his shoes!  Lucky bastard….


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  1. I watched the Obama speech on BBC after Justin sent me a text. I thought “how ironic!!” but my boys never cease to change and amaze me!

    Comment by Christine | April 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. shopping shopping!! i knew you’d get so bored wearing the same clothes over and over again hehe

    Comment by elladanes | April 6, 2009 | Reply

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