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I am sooo tired…

Like REALLY tired…

Like so tired I just took a 90 minute nap in the afternoon.  Why you ask?  Well it has something to do with the reasoning to why I am in Ireland yet have “Aqua” lyrics as the title to this post.
As I said yesterday, I had to change rooms and it turns out I am in a room with some pretty cool people.  2 quiet brazillian girls, 2 french guys who were nice enough, an interesting african guy and a group of 4 danish guys (Hereafter referred to as the Great Danes haha).  Well after having dinner last night, I went back to the room and started chatting to these guys.  The language barrier seemed no issue although Kasper (don’t make ghost jokes ;)) kept apologising whenever they would break into a danish-only discussion, which didn’t bother me too much and occasionally I got told to “slow down and repeat what you said” – but people tell me to do that in Australia haha

Anyway after a few cans of Tuborg in the hostel we headed out to Temple Bar.  After  a bit of umming and ahhing we decided on a place called the Turk’s head.  Now it was just a little funny to me that I was an Australian, in Ireland, with Danes, in the Turk’s Head opposite a pub called the Czech Inn (Thought of you Juz ;)).  We had a few more drinks, discussed whatever-  how do you live with all the snakes, spiders and sharks? Steve Irwin and Princess Mary all being discussed in full as well as Mew and INXS to prove we each shared a little musical knowledge of the other country.  At about 3am we headed home…and were off to bed.  It was a good night and a good opportunity to go out in a different town with some different people.


Today I woke up early, as I wanted to beat the crowds in the city regardless of how tired I was/how my head felt and headed off to my penultimate tourist thing I wanted to do in Dublin (and it was a biggie) – The Guinness Storehouse!  It was brilliant for a beer head like me.  Now like Jamesons it wasn’t a factory tour but was a lot more detailed and better than the Jamesons tour.  It was selfguided and it took me about 3 hours to complete.  You even had the opportunity to taste test the different beers, pour your own pint and have a pint up in the top of the Gravity Bar with near 360 degree views of Dublin.  Okay drinking beer that early was a little different, even for me, but the whole experience was really interesting to me.  If  I am ever going to put my science/chemistry degree to use – I think “master brewer” has a good ring to it!


Now I haven’t bought a lot of souvenirs so far on my travels.  In fact I don’t think I have bought one, unless you count the mass amounts of fudge I buy and consume whenever possible :P.   I tend to see my own experiences, photos and this blog to be enough reminders of my travels as most souvenirs rip you off price wise, weigh too much for someone who has 20kg maximum on the way home and they never get used again.  However, I did break that semi-solid rule today – I bought something at the Guinness Storehouse…I bought a stress pint (like a stress ball but a pint ;)).  It just looked too awesome to pass up, especially as it is a non-alcoholic way of relaxing with a pint haha


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  1. Mew are beyond insanely awesome eh? Now imagine that conversation had I not introduced you to this band? 🙂 PS Did the Czech Inn have anything even remotely czech about it? :p

    Comment by Juzzy | April 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Haha yes – thank you Justin 😛

    The Czech Inn had Czech flags out the front, served staropramen beer (although a few pubs around Dublin also do I’ve noticed), had a primarily pork based food menu and seemed to be frequented by a lot Czech looking people….so yes-ish. With all the drunk Irish and foreigners it was probably like one of those tourist bars you talk about 😉

    Comment by casaboy69 | April 5, 2009 | Reply

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