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Tell me why, I don’t like Mondays,I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oot the whole day down…

  • Definitely should’ve used those Irish lyrics for a Monday post and not a Wednesday post, but I guess I am just a little stupid* haha

Anyway, my sleep last night was  a little better than the night before and Australian-French relations are positive once again. I was stirred a little at 4am again when the French partiers returned but they tried to keep it quiet and I never properly woke up.  I was up bright and early once again though.  I wanted to make the most of the day.


My first ‘tourist task’ for the day was a Historical Walking Tour of Dublin.  Now you might notice that the good ol’ walking tour is becoming a theme (especially if you knew I plan to do at least 2 more in Dublin alone ;)) but so far they have all been brilliant and unique.  Today’s followed a similar-ish path through the city, but the focus was very different to yesterdays.  It is a tour run by Trinity College History graduates (my guide was an interested and knowledgeable Edward – very Irish name  I thought), and has a real academic history focus.   So as you guess the tour group was made up of people my parent’s age and a small group of Norweign school students…I fit in well too perfectly hehe.  The best part was that Edward was able to discuss a lot of  “academic conclusions” rather than just state facts and dates.  The potato famine was not only just between dates X and Y, but the causes that lead up to it, was it really a famine when there was ample non-potato crops being grown, the effect of the famine of spreading Irish culture disproportionately beyond its borders, etc, etc…That is just one example. However, that form of unique  analysis was applied to all the topics.


I then had a beautiful sandwhich (they at the coffee shop referred to it as the “mother” of all sandwhiches and I think they were correct!) before heading over to Christchurch Cathedral  – probably the main church in Dublin.  Now it probably was “just another cathedral” with nothing truly unique about it, but it was still interesting.  Especially as these Cathedrals can, to some extent, reflect the culture/history of the city the are situated in.  The p0litical tensions between Catholics and Protestant being the main issue of course…with this being Ireland.  The most disturbing exhibit was a mummified cat and rat that were on display, as they had been found in 1850 during a cleaning of the pipes of the organ – WHY DID I NEED TO SEE THAT? :S

My last tourist task of the day was the tour of City Hall.  Once again this gave me an interesting viewpoint of the development of Dublin as a city, no real debate about broader Ireland in here…and it was kinda cool.  Seeing the city’s seal from the 1600s ensures the historical mindfuck that every Australian gets in Europe continued.  I will say though that the parts dedicated to recent government of the city is somewhat lame.  Who cares about local government politics of the 1980s? Seriously WHO?! 😛 haha

Anyway, tonight I might try out a different place for dinner after I went to Kate’s Cottage again last night. However, I will be making sure to drop in at a pub so that I can have a pint or three and watch the Ukraine vs England or  Italy vs Ireland games!  Go Socceroos btw!


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  1. I thought the mummified cat and rat thing was kinda cool ROFL

    Comment by Christ | April 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. i do-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo like the whole ‘rat’ synergy thing you’ve got going… and at a stretch.. the rat was in the organ which is a kind of ‘boom-ing’ instrument… do you see where i’m going here? hehehehehe

    cannot believe amount of walking you have done, given i have first hand witnessed your ability to park yourself in one spot, but perhaps without your biggest seated influence you’re doing better?

    lol i am still so ENVIOUS!!!! (and after watching several irish/scottish comedians lately am dying to fly myself over to the UK and land myself a man with an accent!!!!)

    much much love to be sure……. xx

    Comment by elladanes | April 2, 2009 | Reply

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